The Sewing Box

Carefully and somewhat subconsciously, she slipped it on her thin wrist…

Her homemade orange and white fortrel pincushion with an elastic band, filled with an eclectic array of colourful pins.

There it would sit comfortably for the duration of her sewing project for the day, still wearing it for her mug of hot water breaks she took as it was good for her body and her soul she would claim.

A thimble nestled close by as a close parter to the pins for any project that arose.

Homemade 70s suits complete with matching tie for my dad, dresses, jeans and blouses for us girls, and sweater vests, pants, and Sunday shirts for our little brother.

The pin cushion was one of many useful things found in this array of treasures found in this vintage sewing box.

The three foot long trusty measuring tape, stamped with bold black numbers in inches back then, measured everything from waistlines to neck lines and everything in between from the top of our heads to the tips of our toes, indicating how much mom would need to adjust her trusty onion thin brown patterns that in the end were really just a loose suggestion.

Extra sewing machine accessories along with a trusty petite cream colored seem ripper that would help iliminate a few stitches that had gone ary, or perhaps used to open up a complete outfit handed down for resizing, found its home in this treasure box.

Many a spool of colored thread were tucked neatly in one corner ready for the next project.

It was a box filled with all that was needed to start and complete a project.

Without the sewing box and all its contents, the 1970s Bernina sewing machine would sit quiet.

Another important tool found in the box was a pair of regularly sharpened gold and silver sewing shears used to trim the grass on occasion around the house… a trusty companion for all her sewing projects and more.

This important tool was added to the sewing box many years before during the early days of a door-to-door salesman period my Dad tried his hand at to pay the bills for a time.

Big buttons, small buttons, round… square, and a few other fun colourful shapes, collected over the years, sat happily at the bottom of the eclectic array of sewing treasures just waiting patiently to be part of the next sewing project needed for the family.

The sewing box…

a home for all that was needed in creating a masterpiece for all occasions.

This box was always within arm’s reach, perched directly on the side of the vintage brown Bernina sewing machine cabinet.

No project could be started or finished without the contents of this simple yet elegant wooden vintage sewing box.

These sewing box memories remind me of tools needed to create the Masterpiece of Our lives…. Truth from the Word.

A seam ripper to undo a path taken in the wrong direction making room to create a bigger and better life, and a thimble for times life was getting too painful but needed to push through.

An army of buttons, perhaps to hold ourselves together when life begs us to fall apart.

A tape measure not nearly long enough to measure the height and depth of our Heavenly father’s unfailing love.

The spools of eclectic thread.. Forgiveness, healing, Joy, hope and so much more… may stitch together a life that is full of purpose.

Those freshly sharpened scissors for shaping a healthy life, permanently cut out that which threatens to take down our joy, peace, and hope in our lives.

And then there is the infamous pin cushion filled with an array of colourful pins, handy in the moment to put together His unending promises that carry us through our days on this planet…

all creating a beautiful garment(life) to be worn, lived, walking in the light and hope of our Heavenly Father.

A collection of all that is needed to live an abundant, well-lived life with His ever-present help…all tucked away in my heart as I look back in time and remember…

the sewing box.

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