The Ultimate Cellar

Inching my way gingerly down each old wooden, crudely built step in the musty dirt floor cellar, my young spirit was in awe at the wonder of this magical place of vintage canning jars, fruit pattern stamped into the pint and quart glasses.

Despite the blanket of dust wanting to settle on the beautiful array of colourful works of art sitting dutifully on the wooden shelves, it seemed a masterpiece of its own kind. Beautiful jars of canned peaches, peas, corn, rhubarb and Peach jams, komst borscht, somma borscht, meats, and so much more.

As the years rolled by and my home changed with every move my family made, the cellars would differ in location and size but would still always be the foundation of my mom’s array of colourful canning on display.

Hot summers of harvesting in her garden contributed to this masterpiece. Jellies and jams derived from summertime berry picking in Sandilands, to raspberry and strawberry picking at my grandma and great grandma’s Country gardens just a short drive away from my hometown where their own cellars housed their own beautiful colourful array of many a jar of tasty favourites.

Many a “faspa” (Sunday afternoon lunch) table as I remember it growing up, would be the home of many a pint jar of Mom’s freshly-made rhubarb strawberry and Peach jams, ready to be slathered on her healthy delicious homemade bread.

Mom’s tried-and-true recipe of pickles had its place in its own honorary green vintage pickle bowl… A true “faspa” favourite.

Many a hot summer evening after a supper of delicious canned tomatoes poured over homemade macaroni and cheese in the biggest roaster mom owned, a glass dessert bowl of canned peaches emerged for each one of us. First the peaches than the syrup were devoured. It was a beautiful ritual that lingers often in my memory still.

And then there were her canned crab apple (picked from great-uncles) , pie filling that nestled beautifully into the corners of her homemade pie dough, trusty recipe from the Mennonite Treasury Cook Book.

A long time favourite for many in the family.

Years later, after I had started my own family, more cellars became a constant in my life.

Pickled deep red beets, yellow Mustard Pickles, and delicious, beautiful chokecherry blue jars of jam, were the end result of many a warm summer afternoon working together with my mother-in-law in her Farmhouse kitchen. My four little girls soaked in the memories already then to be tucked away deep in their hearts to be cherished many years later in their own Cellar memories.

My grandma’s Robin blue cellar was the home of particularly tart, very red pin cherries in thin juice to be enjoyed poured over homemade Flapjacks (German pancakes) along with her ever famous extra tiny baby dills. A perfect addition to just about everything.

And then there was the meat, canned to a tasty perfection from the abundance deer season had afforded after many a day tracking and waiting by my dad in the early years, always adorned in his bright orange cap.

Those beautiful cellars are but a memory now as the masters of them, moms and grandmas, have made Heaven their home now. But these memories are still very strong in my heart as they bring me to a place of understanding when it comes to abundance from my Heavenly Father.

I Never worried of lack from those cellars many years ago and I never need to worry of lack from God’s ultimate Cellar.

All was provided out of an abundance of hard work and produce. Throughout the generations, many depended on these cellars for their survival. Mentally and physically.

Large jars of

Peace, Joy, and strength.. Favour, protection, and wisdom … Forgiveness comfort, eternal life, and healing…

And jar upon beautiful jar of unfailing love..

filled to the brim.

This picture tucked deep in my heart of the beautiful cellars over the years, so incredible, cannot be compared to the beautiful cellar Masterpiece of abundance from my Heavenly Father.

As beautiful as these jars of abundance are, sitting on the shelf, they are meant to be opened and enjoyed to the fullest… Just as I did from all those beautiful cellars over the years.

All from the abundance of…

The Ultimate Cellar.

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