Ultimate Flying Lessons

It was to be an exciting day.

The wing of the four-seater Cessna was big and yellow in my share of the window as we taxied down the runway. I adjusted my headset firmly so as not to miss any possible instructions or information from the experienced pilot.

The metal box I had consented to fly in rose swiftly as it finished its trek down the runway. My stomach did a loop as the wheels left the pavement.

It was a new way of moving around and seeing things I had only seen from the ground before. Once in the air; the houses, the roads and the people seemed to look smaller and smaller quite quickly and a new world was appearing out my window. Anything I had seen below was becoming more of a distant memory as the view around us transported us upwards.

FREEDOM… that’s what my heart felt.

Freedom to just see what was out my window and nothing more.

High above the clouds we soared it seemed. Time didn’t matter, and perhaps even seemed to stand still. This was all me and the pilot knew in this moment in time.

The pilot would have taken many hours of lessons to be able to bring me to new heights in this flight.

It made me think…

How often don’t we get consumed with the houses, the people, and the roads around us because of our perspective from the ground? It seems as if there is no other way to see things.

Seeing things from a different perspective or view might help us see the answers/truth about the houses, the people… the roads in our lives more clearly.

Our God waits to give us lessons. He wants to help us adjust our “wings” so we will soar high above our circumstances that want to weigh too heavily on us.

He is the experienced pilot of our lives.

Our “headsets”need to be firmly adjusted so we can hear His instructions to us as He guides and teaches us to “fly” high above the clouds in this life, the place where freedom to see out the window leaves everything below so small or even out of view as you soar with Him.

Choose the top end of the clouds.

Your mind, your heart…you life depends on it.

Fly with Him.

Let the Master teach you.. and sign up…

for HIS…Ultimate flying lessons.

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