Just One mighty Seed

Springtime had come again and my girl, who seemed to live far, far away in the land of the forest ( in reality only 45 minutes away), fenced off her garden and placed an interesting 1 foot metal owl that baubled in the wind in the centre of the garden, high on a tall wooden post. A few sticks and an old shirt fluttered in the wind nearby… It all seemed to do the trick.. no garden critters.

The invite had been sent out to her mother and her sisters to commence the annual planting of the ever-growing, double sized garden this year.

Red, yellow and green peppers for roastings and salads… yellow and green beans for much-loved ham and bean soup… carrots for dipping… watermelon for dessert, and squash for savory soups and side dishes. Then there were the very red, mini tomatoes and summer green cucumber plants, too many to count it seemed. Our mouths watered just imagining the summertime produce to be enjoyed by the family.

Each row was prepared sometimes inches and sometimes a foot apart for each lonely seed, sometimes so small we’d lose it in the wind, but none the less it contained the power to produce something many times its size. Sometimes a hundred fold. You can thank the mini tomatoes for that visual.

Our life is a seed.

Where and how we plant it will decide how, where and how much it will produce. Some days it may be intentional and more often than not it will be unintentional, but nonetheless a seed.

Plant a carrot… get a carrot.

Plant corn… get corn.

Plant encouragement… get encouragement.

Plant love… get love.

And so on.

A friend shared with me the other day of the plans that were under way to start a ministry here on the prairies of Manitoba. A seed was planted in his heart in the past eight years with just us sharing our daily lives and revelations as we met periodically.

The potential of a certain Ministry had been planted as a seed years before, and now it was time for him to water and grow that seed.

I had no idea, that just our casual talks could be a seed.

The produce in my daughter’s garden, especially the tomatoes, are proof of what one mighty power packed seed can produce.

And so it is in our lives and in the lives of others. Don’t underestimate the power of the seeds you plant whether you are aware of it or not.

You may not know this side of Heaven the harvest you may have in other people’s lives, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any.

Protect the seed from the “garden critters”… unbelief, discouragement etc.

My daughter’s garden needed watering and fertilizing regularly for those seeds to grow and become a harvest… and it took time.

You may plant the seed with your life but others will water and grow it along with God’s ultimate plan.

Many years ago, I started writing in my childhood.

Today, those childhood books have grown into my first published book many years later. My grandma encouraged me unbeknownst to her, to start journalling as I watched her daily, jot her life down in those small 5 year diaries that allowed only 2 lines per day…but they were seeds.

Her gifts of basic scribblers as they were called back in the day, and a simple number 4 pencil, sharpened with a crude knife… where my seeds.

My grandma has been gone 26 years now and will not know of the book that has grown from those seeds many years ago.

Today, know that your life is a seed.

For yourself and for others.

Don’t underestimate it.

It only takes…

just one mighty seed.

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