There Is Beauty In Change

Stepping inside the front door of my small Hanover Street home in the early 70s, my shiny, black rubber boots glinted as a few chilly drops of October rain sat comfortably on the edge of my foot.

My fall, homemade blue corduroy jacket opened as the brown wooden toggles hung loosely to one side. The warmth of the house greeted me and reminded me in short order, summer was but a distant memory…but I was not sad.

It was fall.

It was my favourite season as cooler weather refreshed my ever flushed young cheeks.

Halloween was just around the corner and the large, velvet, tassel adorned sombrero, would be my annual costume. No scary stuff allowed… mom’s orders … It was straight from my mom and dad’s Acapulco vacation my dad’s tire shop afforded for sales hitting the mark. A large brown scratchy blanket completed the costume as per mom’s wishes as it worked double duty to keep me warm as the chilly October nights howled through my scratchy fortel 70s pants.

A black and orange UNICEF box was grasped firmly under the blanket along with a brown Penner Foods paper bag doubling as the candy tote, jingling change donated by some cheerful treat givers made my young heart happy.

School had commenced for just about a month by now and papers printed on baby blue, tucked in my homemade blue jean, drawstring school bag, told my mom of the upcoming events, concerts and field trips.

As the new school year was about to change the last number again in two months time, the summer shows had ended on our brand new floor model 70s colour TV, and fall-time viewing had started, perhaps some after-school Flintstone episodes… A nostalgic favourite of mine for many, many years to come.

Halloween commercials we’re giving way to Christmas jingles that left me and my younger sister eagerly waiting for the seasonal Sears Christmas catalogue my dad would soon bring home after his long days at the tire shop.

Towering, mature, Hanover Street trees, seemed to bow gently at the tops to each other as they lined my childhood streets what seemed for miles in my childlike mind, their leaves changing to majestic golden, yellow, orange and Browns.

It was a beautiful sight for my young eyes as I took in the majestic view weekly as I skipped my way to my elementary school just a few blocks away.

Change was in the air all around me.

Some insistent crispy brown leaves drifted with the rains of October as they fell gently to the cool, sometimes frost-covered earth. Nothing it seemed, could keep them holding on once their time had ended. The large, stoic, fall soaked trees stood quietly as the leaves let go with every October gust.

There was nothing the tree could do… but let go.

I had looked forward to all these changes that October was bringing, yet I missed pieces of summer tremendously. Summer at the Kinsmen park in the heat of my hometown summer holidays, playing until dark with the neighbourhood friends, and bike rides on my cherry red bike with its neverending white banana seat.

And then there were holidays on the farm at my grandma and grandpa’s place, enjoying the green metal swing beside the barn and swimming in the small blow up pool, filled by grandma with love as she alternated the ice cold farmhouse hose water with steaming hot water from her kettle inside the house. My heart didn’t want this season to ever end.

My blue corduroy jacket had been replaced by sidewalk sales tank tops and t-shirts. The Morden Corn and Apple festival with my aunt and uncle, and wonderful family vacations at Clear Lake made way for glorious sunsets, walks, lawn bowling, and evening ice cream treats at the MacTavish by the moonlight.

They were summers that were music to my child’s heart. No matter how much I would wish my summers wouldn’t end, those beautiful green leaves of summer turned to brown and yellow. And no matter how much the trees would try, they would stand still … knowing the inevitable.

Life can get that way as much as we may want to hold on to a certain season in our lives. The leaves are bound to fall.

Let go.

No matter how much we want seasons to stay … they won’t.

Children grow up.

Relationships change…

and friends and family leave us sometimes far too soon for another eternal world.

Embracing all the beauty of the fall even though the summer season was over, kept me enjoying life and moving forward.

I could reflect on all the great memories of the summer, but I still needed to live in the moment in the fall.

Today… remember the summer and all of its memories… but live wholeheartedly in the new season of your fall…

and embrace the beauty of change♥️

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