Laugh Again

Trying hard to squelch my whole being from shaking under the covers, tucked warmly in my oversized bed, I switched my UTube site just to compose myself not wanting to wake a sleeping husband next to me.

Good comedy has always triggered a gut response to laugh with my whole body and soul at times. I couldn’t help myself…back I switched to one of my favourite comedians. I glanced at the corner of my screen only to find a couple of hours had passed well past my bedtime and the early morning alarm would not be my friend. I didn’t seem to care.

In that moment the feeling my whole being got along with my mental state of mind was worth the price of a few less hours of sleep. The rest of what may have been on my head and heart that day seemed to all but disappear as every part of me was filled and shaking with laughter in this moment. I felt as if I could take on the world… and nothing else mattered, not even lack of sleep.

My 4 grown daughters teach me to laugh when we get together and share our lives and just be ourselves. The tears sometimes roll non-stop amidst the laughter.

What a gift.

I believe our God smiles wide at watching his children laugh. I also believe God wants us to get back to the simplicity of laughter. It changes everything about us physically and mentally He designed us to respond with laughter. When we see life differently… we do life differently.

I can’t imagine that His son Jesus didn’t do some laughing when he walked this earth. In the Word it tells us He wept when his friend died, He was angry at the money changers in the temple, and He was at peace in the quiet of his boat on the Sea of Galilee.

So many emotions he created. We are made in His image and we laugh… so He must laugh too.There can be much to laugh about.

Grandchildren and all their antics and innocent questions…

A good chat over a tasty cup of mocha with a good friend and sharing each other’s stories that bring us there…

family gatherings revisiting the times of happy moments of yesteryear that bring out the laughter in us…

enjoying a good movie that brings out the side splitting laughter.

What do children laugh about?

A puppy rolling in the grass or running for a ball and catching in mid-air…

The non-stop soft lick of a pet bunny all over their face…

A childhood game of tag as they catch each other…

A butterfly caressing a child’s finger as they tried to catch it…

The hop of a frog out of a little ones hand after squeezing it too tight…

A milk moustache lingering on a lip after a large gulp went awry…

A splash in a mud puddle without the rubber boots when mommy had just said no.

As we grow older, we tend to laugh differently at the world, not as children do. Our laughter needs more of a nudge as our minds can be so full of life.

We can learn from a child… their laughter is much more spontaneous because their little minds can live in the moment and have way more room for laughter. They laugh at the simple things.

It’s where it all starts.

A good comedy show is all good but the real laughter abounds out of the simple joys of life.

The kids got it.

Laugh at the squirming frog.

Laugh at the rolling dog.

Laugh at the milk moustache.

Laugh at the butterfly clinging to your nose.

Laugh at the mud on your face after a good puddle stomp…

and laugh in the rain … with or without your umbrella.

Laugh at the happy and not so happy in your life because perspective is everything.

Get back to the garden.

The garden of laughter where children live.

He would want you to.

Your life depends on it…

And laugh again.

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