The Purge

The new, widely-watched Netflix sensation, calmly told me…

“Whatever you keep must give you Joy.”

So on a mission I went, on my quest for Joy. Hanger after plastic hanger was stripped bare of old, new, big small, all that had lived in my closet through the lean years, the diet years, and all the other years in between.

The pile on the king-size bed seemed two dwarf it as the quest continued. The drawers in the red Ikea dresser living in the corner stood open as my focus gravitated away from the closet. I could finally see the striped bottom of the piece of furniture that had stoically stood in the corner through years of harbouring my collection; collection of things I didn’t even know I had till I started the purge.

The hours ticked away as I moved through each room of my house determined to say goodbye to all that wasn’t necessary or useful… what that meant I didn’t always know.

The white kitchen cupboards were thrown open wide as I entered in with determination. The bathroom floor was covered in half empty bottles of what or who knows what and from which decade. It was a mystery at times.

The basement storage space was always a sore spot in my purge mentality, for therein lay treasures of my heart. Crocheted blankets from my dear Grandma, handmade paper tole pictures, dishes and cotton blankets that still smelled of her even now over 26 years later. Rubber maids of all different colours with labels of things I had not visited in years. My four daughter’s elementary school work, pictures for “mommy” too many to count and tiny baby outfits for each that brought back sweet memories of a time I cherish so much.

All of this did bring me joy.

Night was falling and darkness filled the rooms I was purging as I had been so busy I’d forgotten to turn on the lights. By the end of a very long day, I had been somewhat successful; measured by what I’m not sure.

Many bags and boxes later standing stoicly by the door, my day of purging had come to an end. It felt so very good. I would hold off now with the next phase of the purge as it all felt so incredibly good. It would clear my brain for a time, then weeks or even months down the road, my mind would need to address the next phase again because things didn’t seem fresh anymore. Still too many things living in my house that took up my heart and my mind.. it was a process.

When we hold onto things in our lives that don’t serve a purpose any longer, the heart and mind become heavy and pay a price. It takes up too much space mentally and leaves less room to go freely about our day, week and even life.

Hurts that leave a hole buried deep in the heart: purge.

Regrets carried for far too long looking backwards, keeping you hostage emotionally: purge.

Judgement of others and their hearts: purge.

Beliefs about ourselves… not good enough… too big, to small…purge.

Past mistakes that need to stay in the past: purge.

Needing to earn love: purge.

Relationships that don’t work anymore: purge.

And the list goes on.

Make a decision: strip those hangers of all that is heavy in your heart and mind. Toss the half empty bottles from yesteryear that don’t do the job anymore. Throw open wide those cupboards and dive deep.

Sit with your God awhile.

He is the master of purge.

Keep it only if it makes your heart sing and gives you Joy…

and carry out..

The purge.

2 thoughts on “The Purge

  1. Purging is so incredibly freeing physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It has given me personally great joy!


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