Postcard From Heaven

The small metal door with 142 stamped on it, creaked in my hands as my key and its sister keys, dangled from it.

It had been weeks since I’d gone for the mail, so prying the rolled-up local flyers with important envelopes… the bills… everyday life inside, was almost impossible. Placing the bundle on the small table beside the post boxes, there for just that reason, I started dismantling the rolled-up mass of mail, my mind wandered far off as my fingers flipped through each piece.

What would it be like if this role of mail would contain a treasure…

a piece of gold…

a postcard from Heaven..

My mom had left this earth only 5 months earlier, yet it had seemed like a lifetime.

What might it say??

The longing to see her and hear her seemed to get stronger and stronger.

“Dear Arlene,

Oh how beautiful it is here! The weather is just perfect! Just like I always loved it when I lived on earth… except a million times better! Not a cloud in the sky and sunshine day and night!

I know it must be harvest time for the gardens there and I always loved that time of year:) All the canning and the soup making from the fresh garden produce. It was my heart… but you should see the garden I’m walking in now… No weeds! The plants are always producing year-round.

Oh how beautiful walking through these endless gardens and I love that I don’t need to rest like I did there on Earth… I’m never tired anymore.

The beautiful park benches in these gardens are filled with so many people I know! Oh how I love sitting and chatting with my mom and dad… OH how I’d missed them! And they look so young…we are all forever young.

We’ve caught up on so many years we’ve missed, but grandma said there was nothing missed, because once you’re in Heaven, all is so different and perfect and you just continue on when you get here.

Just over on the other bench I see uncle and auntie and my grandma and grandpa that went before me so long ago. I just can’t get enough of this Garden of joy and peace and fellowship with those I had missed so much.

And then there’s the children. The children who had to leave Earth far too soon. They are happier than they’d ever been before, running through the gardens, laughing and singing💞

And your child Arlene,

so beautiful, so happy, sitting on Jesus’s lap and being so loved in between giggling and singing songs of joy in the garden. Me and Grandma take turns loving on your little one… it’s just so perfect.

And Arlene… you wouldn’t believe it… but it’s happened! My heart’s desire of living in a log cabin has come true! God knew my heart:)… He knows all our hearts and desires and He loves us so much more than we can even ever imagine. He is such a personal God ♥️ I love talking to Him face to face now.

Our Clearlake years magnified to Infinity; and the sun sets, they never go away! And you know how I loved sunsets! It’s more perfect than I could have ever imagined. The family gatherings we have here are absolutely wonderful and the best part is…it never ends and will never.

I know your time is different for you now and things are not the same, but someday, when you get here, that will all be a memory that will be long overshadowed into eternity, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

You are just a breath away… and I’m always close. It’s absolutely perfect here. I’m so looking forward to the day you and all of my family will join me here in Paradise.

Till then, know that I love you more then you can ever imagine…

love from Heaven…mom.”

My mind jolted back to the sounds of other metal post boxes being emptied beside me. A salty tear wound its way down my cheek and caught the edge of my lip.

The day would carry on for me as usual, but a part of my step would have an extra spring in it as my mind still imagined the day when I could experience all and so much more, together with my mom and all those I loved so dearly… forever.

But for now, I cherish the view from my heart and my mind.

A wonderful…

Postcard from Heaven♥️

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