You CAN Do This!

Frantically pressing any button that might recover my social media account, my heart sank deeper and deeper as pictures and posts disappeared in what seems like an instant.

There is more to life than social media, yes… yes there is, but pictures and videos are near and dear to my heart and may mean more to me than others. Friends can be re-invited, posts can be re-written, and much can be resumed, but my life is in my pictures…how I do life with my family…my heart.

The instant grasp of emotional fingers on my heart didn’t want to loosen so easily. I stopped clicking on what seemed like all the right buttons and I just sat there… seemingly frozen.

My inner voice raced straight to auto default: “This is too difficult…”You’ve always needed help… you are not capable…let someone else do it for you.”

My mind traveled back in what seemed a second to times in my childhood I had heard these things and carried them into my adulthood. I’m not saying we shouldn’t ever ask for help by all means, but there are times we may need to just close our eyes, breathe, and take a chance at attempting something we never thought we could.

Change the message.

In my job in the education field, years into my adult life, a teacher nonchalantly, absolutely not knowing what it would do to my mind and heart, told me what I had been attempting to navigate on the computer program to teach my student, that “Even a child could do it.” I was not a child….I was 40. But in that moment…my heart said I was a child… And I will surely not capable.

I was not very computer savvy till that point but definitely not after that. I froze in my mind and hoped and prayed I would not be put in a computer class again. But you guessed it… there on my schedule glaring at me was not only a basic computer class but a specialized class. My heart sank. These thoughts had already traveled as far away from the memories of “You’re not capable and even a child can do this”. But now it gripped my heart mercilessly it seemed once again as it surfaced and stuck in my throat saying ” YOU CAN’T DO THIS!”… louder than ever.

I jolted back from my deep thoughts to the present social media saga. I intentionally started to take one step. Why now? I’m still not entirely sure.. but it was time. So I started, one click at a time. What did I have to lose?? Well… all my pictures and videos yes, but I really could lose way more than that.

I could lose ME.

The ME that was fully capable of solving problems in my life no matter what they looked like. Even a digital problem which was not my strength.

I let myself breathe…and start to believe… believe that I could.

I started to navigate through different prompts, all bringing me to a dead end solution. And then, I started thinking differently and looking at the problem from a totally different angle.

I had let my mind and my heart breathe and had told it something else. Something I had not heard much of before. I started navigating again and was pleasantly, and dare I say excitedly surprised as each click brought me closer and closer to the solution. The lies that I had believed for so long seemed to get smaller and smaller as I realized my attempts were getting my account back.

And then, with one last click of a button… there they were…

all my pictures… all my posts… seemingly just waiting there to be found. My account had been tampered with extensively, so chances were weak, and I could have ended up with no result. But either way,

I pushed past my fears that had taken root so long ago…The lies of “You can’t do this.”, and replaced it with


It says the Truth sets you free. True. But only believing it can set you free. Believing what God says about me and my abilities and confidence started me in a different direction in my mind and in my heart in that moment.

What lies have you been told and believed for so long that have been buried deep inside your heart and mind?

Do they all point to the “You can’t do this”?

Today….face the LIE. Face the problem. Toss it out…. replace it.

And let the words of your God.. your biggest cheerleader… ring louder than anything else you hear in your mind and heart and hear Him say…


***(only months later, the dreaded computer class challenged me to say to my heart…”I can do this.” And it became the knowledge I needed to create the cover for my upcoming book IN THE MOMENT.♥️).


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