Chapter 1…The Beginning of the End.

I LOVE a good book.

In fact, I love books so much I can venture to say I can even enjoy a not-so-good book depending on my perspective as I start the first page.

As a little girl, my room was a castle for my collection of books through the years, from the inspirations of Joy Sparton on Parsonage Hill in my elementary years to the mysteries of Nancy Drew and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. These books paved a wonderful road in my heart and mind, flying off to far off lands to experience what lept off the pages. It led my adult years of reading to enjoying biographies and inspirations and even the how-to books along with a good fiction book now and then.

Every single book over the years was made up of the same things at the core, simply a front cover; hard, soft, new, small, large, to the interior, the pages in between, and ending with a back cover. Yet the contents of each were so different from one to the next.

That’s what I loved about them. They were made up of all the same from the core, front and back, and yet what was written on each page was instinctively different. Those books became a source of comfort and familiarity I cherished in my room over the years; sometimes reading and rereading them over and over again perhaps thinking the story may change in a small part of my thinking.

As I would curl up in my bed or on my comfy chair over the years, excitement to see where each page would take me would make my heart flutter just a bit.

I didn’t start in the middle or the end as much as I wanted to know the outcome ahead of time, It really would have spoiled the book for me.

So where did I start?

The beginning.

It would give me a clear sense of where the story began and perhaps the background that would anchor it into my mind from which to read the rest of the book. I needed some foundation/root of the story to give the story a proper picture because every page I would turn would build on that foundation.

If in my ever-growing curiosity I would have flipped through the pages hastily and perhaps stopped at a few where I may have found a piece of the story that I thought was accurate, I wouldn’t have known how we got there, and it would have given me just a piece of the story with unfinished business; a story not complete. Or perhaps the yearning to stay on a page to live in a certain piece of the story was tempting, but I needed to turn the page to read the rest of the story. It would not have been much of a story if I would have stayed at the lntroduction either.

I needed to turn the page to clearly know how the book/ the story would unfold. Each part was important but the Introduction… The first pageChapter 1… was very necessary to know the rest of the story and how it would unfold.

How often do we want to stay in the first chapter of our lives or skip through the pages to find the answers we are looking for without having to go through each page or perhaps start at the most important part… the foundation of the story… The beginning… Page 1… chapter 1.

My love of books was heightened by knowing the beginning, the middle and the end. Staying on one page indefinitely or skipping the beginning all together would have left me with less than intended in my experience with each book/story.

Every season of our lives has a beginning, middle and end, and they are all important. But focusing on a middle or an end of a season without knowing the foundation…beginning and how that story unfolded, will leave your/my story in the Genre of fiction and not a true story. It will rarely give you/me the clear picture of each season of our lives and how it unfolds in order to enjoy our journey and have a true story experience… the complete story… where it all began.

Each page, each chapter of our book in our journey in life or even just for a season, will paint a complete picture if we choose to start with the first page… the first chapter where the story all began, and the rest of the story on each page will come together.

Are you writing a fiction book of your life because you don’t know the truth.. the foundation? Do you even know what you are writing? Or are you writing a True inspirational story that can be passed on through many generations to encourage anyone else to write their own true story, by starting with the first chapter… The first page… the foundation… the root…where your thoughts, beliefs all began?

Are you starting with the end? Are you starting with the middle? Are you starting with what you think you see in the moment? do you write Fiction instead of Truth because that’s all you know?

Invite God to be the co-author of your book as you write the rest of your story together. He is THE Best-selling author of the books of our lives. Ask him to remind you of the courage and strength and above all the TRUTH that already exists inside of you from Him.

Go back to the introduction… First page… Chapter 1 of all the seasons in your life. Your story writes as it does because you haven’t gone back to the beginning… The first page…. The first chapter…. Chapter 1 of your story.

Continue your story.

It won’t be the same story and it won’t have the same ending.

You may just be on your way to becoming a best-selling author of your own story even if you are the only one who will ever read it.

It will change you.

Write your own new story, the life/ story you were always intended to write.. by starting with the Truth…the root of why you live how you live.

Chapter 1…

The beginning of the end.

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