Send The Rain

Holding on for dear life, my fingers wrapped viciously around the roll bar as me and my family bounced haphazardly down a very narrow trail high above the sandy, dry California desert. Faith in our driver was fading fast, but staying put in our buggy made the most sense at this point on our wild excursion.

The view from my seat was a panoramic mass of dry, cracked and dusty land as far as my eyes could see. The desert cactus thrived in this land, being native to this world but all else would suffer greatly if attempted to grow here, even the roots of these native plants didn’t go deep as there was nothing to reach for but dry, cracked earth and sand.

The rolling, dry dessert plants and sticks uprooted so easily; it was indicative of the native nature of the soil and the desert plants rolling wherever the gusts of desert winds blew it.

Some days our lives can feel like the panoramic dry and cracked California desert, rolling wherever the dry desert winds blow us, our shallow roots to be pulled up in an instant at the first gust of life; rain seemingly a far-off memory, our hearts yearning for life to spring forth in our everyday through the dry, cracked landscape overtaking our minds… because that is where everything begins…our thinking.

Scientific studies show the mind can have immense effects on our bodies, up to 98%, affecting how we function in life. So we need rain to soak the dry desert land scapes of our thoughts so our lives can be whole mentally, physically and spiritually.

The rain can come in many different forms.

Revelations of Truths and wisdom that saturates your thinking.

Circumstances in life that may finally lead you to the end of your self.

Letting go of long-held beliefs that stood in the way of a rich abundant life our God so desperately wants for us.

And sometimes the rain washes our sandy eyes to see things clearly for the first time in our lives.

Our mind, body and spirit are fearfully and wonderfully made as it tells us in the Word, but all of it needs rain. Revelation, wisdom, coming to the end of ourselves, circumstances, fresh eyes to see…and more.

As a little girl I didn’t want the rain as it got in the way of my playing in the sunshine. It didn’t feel good to play in the rain. Yet the rain is needed in our lives for the roots of how we will forever do life and it precedes the ultimate sunshine.

Is your faith in something that is white-knuckling you through the cracked, dry deserts of your life? Are you wanting the sunshine?…the ultimate sunshine in your life?

Know that the rain is needed. Are we wishing it away because it doesn’t feel good in the moment?… For the temporary sunshine?

Basking in the sunshine after the rain is the ultimate gift of living this Abundant Life we were always meant to live.

Today, don’t be afraid to look to your God… the author of both, and and let your heart say..

Send the Rain♥️

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