And She Flies…

She wakes to the sweet and gentle song of the birds outside her window, dancing in the trees. Her heart is full as she starts her day with a thankful prayer for all the blessings in her life. she has no needs or wants for she knows who her supply is.

And she flies…

The traffic to work seems far too slow for most, but she cherishes the extra time to talk to her God, moments that give her the strength to face the day no matter what may come.

And she flies..

The day hurries by as life seems to happen the older she gets, but amidst the hurry of the day, she walks in confidence that she is living a life she is called to, sharing a hope she has found and is learning to embrace on this journey of life.

And she flies…

Her day brings her home to prepare a meal from the abundance in her cupboards, for she knows from where her abundance comes from. She feels the arms of blessings around her as she sets her table. She sees her ever growing family around her table, and her heart is full.

And she flies…

She ends her day in the cool of the evening remembering from where she has come. She knows she is not only worthy, she is priceless in the eyes of her God. She knows she is fearfully and wonderfully made physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

And she flies…

She lays her head down to truly rest as she reminds herself of the Truths written in the Word and in her heart. Her mind is light and ready to sleep and her eyes gently close in restful sleep to dream dreams that will leave her refreshed in the morning as the summer dew on the garden of her heart.

And she flies…

She flies into the night with the only One who will never leave her or forsake her.

She flies with the One who gave His only begotten Son for her and multitudes upon multitudes of others on the planet now and from ages past.

She flies with her ultimate Healer who is with her every moment of every minute of every day.

She flies, rising to newer heights every day as He opens her eyes to the world around her and gives her wisdom as she seeks and finds.

She knows the generations to come will be changed because she knows she is forever loved by her God. Her heart is full to overflowing.. she is blessed, oh so blessed.

The brokenness of years past have fluttered away in the wind as chaf, never to return as she remembers her family daily in her prayers and lifts them up to her God.

And then she closes her eyes in peaceful rest, for she has Joy.

And she flies.

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