We Have No Idea

As anyone of my family and friends knows, I love sharing my life stories/ adventures whenever and wherever I can.

It may seem almost too much at times for some I would venture to say, but when that crosses my mind, I remind myself they are free to scroll on if it be on social media and smile and nod if they meet me in person. I have never actually heard anything about my sharing, but let’s be real, not everyone would care as much as I do about my life’s adventures.

I have had the privilege of experiencing many amazing life’s adventures, from beautiful vacations to distant lands enjoying the tropical blue waters and sandy beaches under the grass palapas, book in hand, to adventures in hiking through mountains and valleys experiencing the stories and history that came with it.

I’ve been excited to dream and plan for years of our home renovations that have turned into a place my heart wants to hang out daily.

I’ve been blessed with a job at my local high school for many years now where I have taught and been taught, working alongside students in their quest of making it through their next course or even graduating, getting to know them on a deeper level as we work together on a common goal of finishing that project or test or just simply making it through one minute of one hour of every day as life has dealt them cards that was aiming to knock them down.

And then there are my coworkers turned friends, a treasure in my life to say the least. I feel so blessed to live such a full life in my perspective, but nothing… NOTHING..

touches my life, my heart, and soul as much as when my ever-growing family of 18 children and grandchildren and counting, burst through my front door and stay a good while.

My husband and I have experienced 34 years of adventures on the mountain tops and in the valleys of life, traveling many roads when there is 34 years to do it in. Among our adventures we raised four beautiful daughters and the adventures we experienced with them.

We enjoyed many mountaintops along with the valleys over the years with them also, but that never changed our immense, incredible love for them.

They were ours. Our children.

The most incredible treasures of all.

As our family expanded over the years to include squealing, giggling little ones wrapping their pudgy little arms seriously around my neck and my heart, all past adventures and experiences, although so wonderful, grew a bit dimmer as my heart. My children and grandchildren took up the biggest piece of my heart, hardly containing it most days.

I fall asleep with thoughts of them and I often awake with thoughts of them and pray for them. They are a big piece of me I would never want to do without.

As incredible and wonderful that all is, I believe I/we have no idea how incredibly much our God Loves us and thinks about His children.

It says in his Word that He knows the numbers of hairs on our head and He has tattooed the names of His children, on the palm of His hand. He watches us as we sleep. He cheers us on, He cries with us, and He rejoices with us. He teaches us how to live the abundant life He wants so desperately for us, He is forever by our side and most incredibly, He has giving His life for us and prepared a forever home for us in Heaven.

When our little girls and our grandkids, over the years, have fallen and skinned their knees and have run straight to our arms, we’ve done nothing but comfort them.

I can’t imagine that’s not what our God does when we fall in life and skin our knees and run to Him. His heart is so much bigger then our human hearts could ever be.

Our children, when they were small, especially the babies, could do nothing but lay in her arms and cry or need to be fed, changed etc. And yet that changed nothing in our hearts. I’d be so incredibly sad if someone talked about me and how I didn’t love my children from the bottom of my heart when my heart overflows daily with love for my family.

How often haven’t we painted the heart of our God with a brush that is way less than what He truly is.

I believe we have no idea how incredibly much our God loves us/ His children.

Today, I invite you to take some time in your day to read His letters to you, and my hope is you begin to understand His incredible love for you.

I truly believe we may think we know…

Our lives will be truly different if we would just even begin to understand.

A love so incredible, complete, everlasting…

We just truly… have no idea.

9 thoughts on “We Have No Idea

  1. Enjoy reading your blogs so very much. You have a precious talent of writing your heart down on paper. ♥


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