What If…

What if...

you had nothing to prove.

No prosecution,(your own mind), no jury( your world) just the most compassionate judge ever,(our God) bringing down a resounding judgement of : Case dismissed.

What if

fear, anger, resentment, anxiety, unforgiveness, and more had no power to hold your heart hostage any longer.

What if

you canceled your “subscription” to the regular delivery of offenses and say return to sender.

What if

the need to defend your heart was washed out to the farthest sea never to be found.

What if

you only carried what was yours to carry, relieving the tired muscles of your heart and mind. Someone else’s feather is still too heavy for you.

What if

you stopped paying a price you were never meant to pay with your heart (boundaries).

What if

you could see with fresh eyes and hear with fresh ears.

What if

you came to the end of yourself and merely turned around…turned away from this life/ mindset that doesn’t serve a purpose any longer, that has abused your heart and mind for so long.

What if

you could breathe deeper, sleep sounder, laugh longer, smile wider, sing louder, give deeper, receive deeper…. Love deeper.

What if

you became who you were always meant to be, nothing more… nothing less (Fearfully and wonderfully made, body, soul, and spirit).

What if

you had nothing to lose…except yourself.

It would be a brand new day A brand new life.

So what if

you start living your new day… now.

Find the Truth that sets you free. Why you live the way you live. Go deep…Because that’s where it lives.

Don’t be afraid. The lion of Peace, Joy and love is a lot less scarier than the roar of the Lion(lies) that has held your heart captive for so long. Our God longs to reveal to us/you what you need to change your mind about.

It’s that simple. It’s that powerful.

He is so excited for you.

Sit with Him. Ask. Listen.

Now is a good time.

Now is what we’ve got.


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