The Ultimate Dot -to- Dot

One of my grandkids favorite things to do is dot-to-dot drawing.

The satisfaction of the simple picture that emerges when they’re little fists grab their pencil so tight and just followed the numbers 1 2 3 4 etc. Their squeals of excitement when the pictures come to life is pure satisfaction for their little hearts.

Their picture completed once all the numbers were connected.

The events of this past month reminded me that our God is the master of the ultimate dot to dot . He is a God of order yes… But not our order in orchestrating our life. The way we would see it happening would meticulously be created by following the order 1 2 3 4 etc. Yet when God creates a dot-to-dot… It looks nothing like we could have ever imagined and it’s a complete masterpiece under the direction of his order.

My mama left her earthly home for her forever home in Heaven 4 weeks ago. The week we knew she was leaving was nothing short of a dot-to-dot masterpiece.

The day my Mom was admitted to the ER she was fading fast. The doctor’s prognosis was palliative care and sure death in the imminent future. As the family gathered that day, there seemed a spirit of healing taking place already…hearts were softening from years of hurt. It was like a pure refreshing continuous waterfall over all present. And then within hours the doctor said to my mom…

“This morning you were dying… and now you are not. It’s nothing short of a miracle. This was not how it was happening.”

He leaned in close to my mom at her bedside in the most gentlest of ways and asked, “What does Erna love to do?”

She then proceeded to tell him she loved raising her family and enjoyed her nursing career immensely and everything in between like her passions of gardening, canning, knitting, and so much more. but she felt she still had some more living to do.

As we all stood there hanging on her every word knowing this was a special moment in time.. he asked one more question ..” What does Erna want right now?”

She looked at him and said clearly, “I want to go home. I want to live and I want to go on a Gaither Cruise.”

We all stood there listening to all that was being said in that moment, tears glistening in all our eyes as to what we were witnessing in that moment.

The doctor took her hand and said, “Well then go home. We all don’t know how much time we have to live, so go live.”

From dying in the morning…to going home and wanting to live by the evening… it surely was a miracle in the moment for all of us.

The next five days was another sort of miracle with my mom getting a window of opportunity to go home and live for a few more days and in that time prayers that had been prayed for 20 years or more by my mom and others were answered as much healing of relationships happened in what seemed to happen in one moment.

As we wandered in and out of her hospital room with people and family that hadn’t been there for years, it was a journey like no other for many of us.

A cold cloth on my mom’s head to calm her fever met with a beautiful smile of relief tied many years of hurts and healing all into one beautiful gift of hearts just loving one another. A piece of the dot-to-dot.

The day mom left, the picture God had created in his ultimate masterpiece of dot to dot.. the order definitely not being 1 2 3 and 4.. and more like 15289 etc, was complete in that moment and it was more beautiful than any of us could have created ourselves.

Mom never did get to go on a Gaither Cruise on this Earth but I believe that I believe she is at an amazing Gaither concert in heaven as some of the gaithers have moved on to that home with her too over the years. She still got her wish…and so much more.

Don’t lose hope. The picture being painted in your life may not look as beautiful as you may like it to be in this moment, but let God be the master of the ultimate dot-to-dot and know He has a masterpiece in mind you may have never imagined. And undoubtedly more beautiful.

His ultimate dot- to- dot♥️

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