See The Birdies??

“Gamma! Gamma!..see the birdies??!” My two-year-old granddaughter exclaimed excitedly looking out the window at the feeder hosting a beautiful tiny bird enjoying it’s daily nourishment.

I love birds.

I haven’t always, but there is something about the simple lives they lead that draw my heart to them.

The ultimate minimalists.

Our rustic backyard feeder attracts an array of different types of colorful birds throughout the year. Some large, some small, some tame, some wild. But all come for the same thing…

To be fed.

They instinctively know they cannot build their nests, feed their young…or just simply fly without their nourishment. And sometimes one trip isn’t enough in a day. They need to come to the feeder regularly… Not just to survive but live.

Our lives are so much more complex than the life of a bird, yet because it is just that, complex, we forget that in order to”fly”and truly live… We need to get to the “feeder” daily.

The birds seem to know it..

But we don’t.

You can’t give what you don’t have.. literally. The need to nourish our mind, soul, and body for us and for those around us, is absolutely necessary to carry out a life we are each called to live out on this planet.

Our world is spinning “faster” then it ever has in the time we are living in now. Yet we have 24 hours in a day… No more no less than the first people ever on the planet thousands of years ago. Their focus would have absolutely been to feed themselves and their offsprings before anything else. Nothing of value could have been accomplished if that was not the order. It was crucial to survival. their mental daytimers would have scheduled this piece in the very first thing.. always.

Today we tend to live a life believing that everything else is more important. Our day timers, phones are filled with “to-dos”, appointments… Lists. Yet how often do we schedule in

“**Feed body, soul, and Spirit**”

Oh yes, we may eat on the run but we can’t feed our soul and Spirit on the run.. not for long anyways. We need to get back to the “feeder”.. our God.. and sit a while, perhaps a couple of times a day just like the birdies know they need to.

Our God is the source of everything we need to live this abundant Life He has for us. In his word God says he sees every Sparrow fall and he takes care of all the birds even though they don’t store up from season to season.

How much more does he care for us?

They need their nourishment daily for that reason. We can’t store up our strength, our spiritual nourishment etc. We need it daily like the Manna from Heaven. He longs to meet you daily at His feeder.

Stop. Slow down…

And learn from the simplicity of their lives and get back to the “feeder”…

And see the birdies♥️…

They got it.

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