The Night Diamond

It was one of my favorite times on my grandma and grandpa’s farm back when I was a little girl.

Firefly catching.

Grandma’s clear glass mason jar with holes punched in the tin lid was a temporary house we would catch them in and set them on the stone porch long after the sun had gone down into the dark of the night .

The stars on a clear warm summer night where the only other sparkle in competition with the Wonder of these dancing flies.

Some nights the show was nothing short of magical it seemed, like a sea of lights shining intermittently in the black of the summer night. One never knew where or when the next night diamond would show up.

We all carry a light whether we aware of it or not. Everyone of us. Going about our day we have no idea who may need our light. It may be as simple as a smile, a kind word, a phone call, your influence or your gift of your prayers.

Some days you may not feel like you are a light in any way. Yet if you are a mom or a dad you are a constant light. If you work at a job outside the home you are a constant light, and yet on some days you will also need someone’s else’s light.

The gift of prayers.

They may seem invisible but they shine brightly through the lives you lift up in your prayers. I believe those who have gone on to Heaven have prayed prayers here on Earth over the years that still shine brightly in our lives.

Prayers transcend time.

We never run out of time with prayers for those we love. They are an investment that travel through time and continue into Eternity I believe.

So no matter if you feel like you haven’t ever mattered in the way your life shines to those around you… if you’ve ever whispered a prayer… You’ve been a night diamond.

My mom went to her forever home a few weeks ago way too soon. We weren’t finished with her yet here on this Earth. But I know that although she is not physically here with us anymore, her spirit is more alive now then it’s ever been and I know that all the prayers she has prayed during her lifetime still shine and will continue to.

You are one of these lights.

Become aware of the influence you are in the midnight sky of a hurting world and know you carry the light of a night diamond.

4 thoughts on “The Night Diamond

  1. Very true Arlene. We just never know how some of our seemingly insignificant little things we do or prayers for others what weight they hold now and for eternity. Don’t give up. Keep your light shining always.

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  2. I have just started “following” you. How blessed I feel for reading a few of your posts. You definitely have a beautiful flare for writing, but most importantly, the messages are divine! I have such a strong connection to our Father in Heaven and your thoughts mimic my own. Thank you for letting these thoughts flow from your finger tips to the cyber world, allowing an insignificant person like myself to stumble upon them. Again, feeling blessed and uplifted. Thank you.

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    1. Thank-you Heather 😊 your gracious words of encouragement remind me to keep writing the things our God whispers in my heart about everyday life. It is where we will always find him if we but be still ♥️you my dear are not insignificant! You are so loved and cherished by our Heavenly Father! He makes no one insignificant ♥️


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