From The Inside Out

Settling in on her favorite chair on her back porch, she slowly slipped on her shades letting her eyes adjust. As she did, the sun in all its warmth and brightness enveloped her and seemed to warm her deep down through all her layers right down to her soul it seemed.

She made herself more comfortable as the day went on… and she stayed some more.

The longer she sat, the deeper the rays of the sun and all its nourishing warmth seemed to soak. How wonderful it felt.

As the day moved along, the bright orange sun sunk swiftly it seemed behind the trees. She sensed her day in the sun was more than just a day in the sun.

Then she heard it. In her heart.

I hope to start the day with you everyday and warm you from the inside out with my love, wisdom, thoughts about you, and Truths All the Truths and so much more… I want to write all this on your heart and more”.

“As you may have noticed the longer you sit in the Sun with me), the deeper I can reach into your soul and the more I can change you from the inside out with the rays of My incredible love for you.

The longer you sit, the more you will be able to face the day with your newfound strength and wisdom in every moment of every day and my Words and thoughts and Truth will warm your heart… and I will be your guide.”

She blinked back the tear that was forming in the corner of her eye. She looked around as if someone may be hearing what she had heard in her heart…because it had been so real.

She was so loved.

Uniquely, unequivocally, extravagantly.. by the One who created the sun and everything else.. and her.

“I want to heal you… from the inside out.”

“So when something scratches your heart it will only be superficial, and you will be able to march on with your day, head held high… knowing”.

In that moment, she felt the sun kiss her warmly on her cheek as her thoughts brought her back to the moment. She collected herself and made her way inside.

The day had been so much more than a back porch lounge in the sun. It had gone so much deeper, for God had made it clear, her visits in the sun with Him would change her forever if she but came to stay awhile.

No agenda… no works… just soak in His rays.

He wanted her not for what she could give… not for what she could do…not for what she could be

He loved her already…

every layer…

from the inside out..☀️♥️

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