The Draw

Home decor… living space… it excites me. Furniture placement, paint colors, flooring, textiles, textures, plants, lighting, and so much more.

What does this have to do with anything spiritual you ask? EVERYTHING. The world that we relate to… what we know and have…and excites us.

What excites me is to sit down for a while amidst neatly placed comfortable furniture I can just fall into and feel at home.

What keeps me there?

Colors, textures, plants, lighting, WINDOWS! Love my windows!

But all that would be nothing to me with no one to share it with and experience it with at some point.

So if I know this is my draw to the natural things in life what is my draw to the spiritual… my God?

In my relationship with Jesus, the initiator of all intimate relationships, I relate this to comfortable, well placed couple of sofas conducive to intimacy, my spot in the moment that already drives me to Him.

I want to know more.

Me knowing He knows the number of hairs on my head and how He not only knows me by name from the beginning of time but has my name tattooed on his hand…keeps me there.

Him telling me through his letters to me that He is the foundation of the world, the cornerstone, I see the flooring in our visit as a wonderful, immovable addition to my experiences. Something I crave from Him in my life…a solid cornerstone… immovable.

A sense of security being in His presence.

Strategically-placed plants and trees remind me of his original plan in the Garden of Eden and His heart/ love for mankind, the world. His desire to know us personally. Intimate yet illuminating, the light reminds me of being in the presence of the Light of the world, having a personal relationship with me.

And windows.. oh my.. HOW I love the WINDOWS!

They remind me of the sights and sounds of the world outside my home and the endless possibilities I can imagine. A world right in front of me that stretches way beyond what I can see and hear and how the possibilities for me, for you, somewhere out there beyond my windows can in your own unique God-given gifts to inspire, encourage the world, near or far around you.

And lastly I enjoy the rustic, wooden handmade family table, my most favourite experience and enjoyment in all of the house.

It is where my family gathers, eats, laughs… cries. It reminds me of the rustic wooden cross my Jesus bore to save us so He could gather with us, His children, as He provides the Bread of Life and sits with us in our joys and sorrows, around His ultimate table.

So as much as I love home decor and the material things within it represents, my experience in the moment of home decor is the draw not only in the natural but the spiritual.

Find your draw to the ONE who loves you so so incredibly much.

He is the Master of the home decor of our lives. He creates a home in our hearts so individual to each of us no matter what that looks like.

He loves you, He loves me,

as far as the East is from the West…deeper than any ocean.

Find what makes your draw… home for you and Him.

Your daily walk in nature He created…

Your quiet moments after the children are finally tucked in their beds for the last time…

Your weekly spot on the pew surrounded by all those worshipping together with you…

That album that takes you to a place nothing else will…

The journaling that transports you to anywhere you may choose…

Or just simply that place you find when you simply close your eyes…and meet him in the quiet of your heart and mind.

What do you know about Him? What do you WANT to know?

Today, find your draw,

and enjoy your time, with Him.

The most intimate, satisfying relationship you will ever experience♥️

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