If it were possible to wear out Alexa… it would have happened already.

Alexa the Amazon Home System, joined our family a number of months ago after being won on a sunny golf weekend. I would dare to say she’s been on call 24/7 ever since for young and not quite so young in our family.

From Country Classics such as Alabama to the sounds of April Wine’s Classic Rock, 80’s..90’s and whatever to inspiration and Praise and Worship. But none has been repeated as much as Baby Shark!

Oh if Alexa could speak her mind! I think she’d say…Take me back!…:)

Many a Sunday afternoon a small head pops up by the island ledge and enthusiastically barks into the speaker; “Alexa…PLAY BABY SHARK!!” assuming Alexa is deaf.

Alexa then proceeds to comply again… and again as their tiny but persistent voices command Alexa…”PLAY IT AGAIN!!”

Alexa than dutifully croons, “I’ll repeat the song” in her steady, soothing voice.

So why again and again??

Because it makes their little hearts happy as they chime along.

How often do we repeat the things in our hearts and minds that don’t make our hearts happy, trying to come up with answers that always seem so far away?

We all have those favourite “songs”.

Today, remember the “songs”…

times in life,

promises from God,

prayers answered,

or just the things you are blessed with today, and command those things… that “song”… to play again and again to give our heart and our mind a foundation from which we can manage the things, “songs” that don’t make our hearts happy in the moment.

Today…fill your day with the song that makes your heart smile and say; Alexa…PLAY AGAIN!!

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