Just SING!

The spectacular panoramic view of the rugged majestic Rocky mountains seemed to go on forever through the Gothic revival architecture of the hundred and twenty year old looming windows sprawling across the stoic Banff springs Hotel.

The view was matched only by the sparkling Jewel of the valley, the majestic blue waters of Lake Louise.

Wedding day.

The deep purple tone-on-tone textured handmade bridesmaid dresses fit each attendant perfectly having been been lovingly sewn two provinces away in the home province of the bride… My sister.

The families had gathered in the Heritage stateroom bearing roots from as far away as Europe.

Personal handwritten vows were promised…

The message was delivered.

Forever pictures were taken and the elegant reception had begun. Palate cleansers at each table refreshed us all in between each of the seven delicious courses.

Speeches were delivered… tears were shed.

The day was officially marked on the calendar as having happened.

Ending the evening, stories were shared and songs were sung. One such well-rehearsed song was to be sung by me, the Maid of Honor.. my sister’s only sister.

Having gone through the motions of practicing many a time for this special moment it seemed that I could deliver this piece of the program without a hitch… Or so I thought.

As I took my place behind the looming microphone stand at the front of the room, my foot caught the base of the stand and sent it leaning dangerously to one side. In an instant my foot instinctively stepped on the base of the stand to bring it back to its rightful stand at attention.


Some wedding guests at the front tables let out a gasp, but not to be out done by one of my aunts who thought I had been electrocuted.


Just” kissed” viciously by the microphone still cradled in the stand as it swung mercilessly at my face. I jumped back in an instant and let out an emphatic UGH!! as I promptly rubbed my throbbing forehead.

The gun-metal grey microphone and stand found its way back home standing just as tall as ever as if nothing had ever happened. I however did not feel like I was standing tall in that moment just having had my head cracked with the very thing that was to be my partner in delivering my song in front of a sea of elegantly dressed wedding guests still staring incredulously at what had just taken place.

Standing there with my three little girls at my side dressed in their matching pretty little purple dresses, waiting for their mommy to start the song on cue so they could join in… time seemed to stand still and race a million miles an hour at the same time it seemed.

And then…

I sang.

I just… sang.

So many options rather than singing raced through my head in what felt like an eternity as I made the split-second decision. I don’t remember if I sang all the right notes or even all the right words for that matter, but what I do know is that in my decision in that moment… I just sang.

For me… for my 3 little girls… and for all the eyes on me now sitting at the eloquently set tables.

Some days in life we may be surrounded by all that is beautiful, everything fitting into place running along smoothly and then… it happens.



Something happens in a split second that leaves you second-guessing your next move and screams to immobilize you. But you’ve come too far… I had come too far.

I had traveled from many provinces away, 22 very long hours on a Greyhound with my three little girls and had rehearsed my song many many times.

So in that moment I made a choice despite all that had just happened to not throw it all away but to just SING!

Life doesn’t fit a script perfectly no matter how much we practice and how beautiful the surroundings maybe.

There may be things that are happening in your life today that may just make you want to quit despite all the preparation that has been done on the journey we call life.

But today, don’t let the POP! distract you.

Look up…

Stand tall…

Know the ONE who stands with you will never leave you or forsake you…

And just SING!!

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