Every Day of the Year

Christmas has always been a beautiful time of year I have look forward to all year long. The carols, the church programs, Christmas at home and my grandma and grandpa’s over the years and the gifts that have been given and received in love.

If only I could experience this every day of the year, I would think as a child, and maybe even into my adult years…I just love it.

It would really seem wonderfully ridiculous wanting to experience Christmas everyday of the year.

The giving and receiving every day of the year.

Every single person on this planet has been given a gift. A gift that is not meant to be kept but to be given away. Keeping it for yourself defeats the purpose God has intended. He gave us each a gift, a unique gift, because the world He knew would need the irreplaceable, unique, custom made, specially designed, priceless…

gift of you.

We have the opportunity to share this gift every single day.

We have the potential to create the wonderfully ridiculous idea of Christmas every day of the year.

Christmas has a beautiful message of the Ultimate Gift of Jesus coming down to save mankind and nothing comes close to that, but the giving of gifts every day of the year given to us from The Ultimate Gift..

Is the gift of you.

It’s not only possible, it’s very important. The world is waiting and needing you to give the gift of you today and every day.

Your smile

Your hug

Your shoulder

Your ears

Your heart

Your time

Your words…

Your talents…

If we step out and give freely the gift of us….

We can truly make Christmas…

everyday of the year🎄🎁♥️

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