Don’t Just Push Around The Dirt

Taking a hold of the edge of the hoe at a precise angle, I grabbed it firmly and started pushing and pulling and moving the dirt so as to get to the weeds and pluck them completely out of the ground while being careful as to not accidentally chop at the plants I had lovingly planted in late spring.

I had experienced before that one swift accidental swing or chop of the hoe could completely wipe out what I had so lovingly planted or at least damage it and leave it clinging to life hoping to revive again.

If I had not planted a seed, there would be no plant to see.. grow.. or protect.

How ridiculously of a waste of time would it be if I took my hoe to a plot of dirt and pushed around the dirt with nothing in it.

So it can be in life’s Garden.

You can’t protect/harvest/grow what’s not already there… a seed… a plant. If we focus on what we have we won’t be wasting our time pushing around the empty dirt trying to harvest a plant/ crop that has never been planted.

Focus on what is already planted in your life and watch where the sharp edge of the hoe lands as you get rid of the weeds trying to choke out the good.

If we are not careful, we can in advertently hack into the healthy growing plant already there.

Sometimes we might even believe the plant is the problem and be intentional about our hacking with the hoe and set back the process or even do permanent damage if we don’t pay attention to the real problem/ the weeds.

Today be intentional.

Protect the good that’s already there in your life and get rid of the ugly weeds and most of all stop wasting your time.

Life’s Too Short.

Don’t just push around the dirt.

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