The Escape Room

Every season has its crazes and one of the latest crazes in the past couple of years is the Escape Room phenomena.

I’ve had the opportunity to take the challenge of solving the puzzle to open locks, find treasures and finally make it out of the room with a team of friends or family, sometimes in the nick of time limit, sometimes just shy.

The best teams were made up of different personalities and strengths, putting our heads together, each bringing their thoughts and ideas of how to solve the problem. Whether the team solved the problem or not in the alotted time, we encourage each other to do better the next time or simply just saw it as a victory for the team working together.

Our lives are not meant to be lived as islands. We all have something we can contribute to helping solve life’s puzzles together.

The Escape Room phenomena is not meant to be a one-man show and neither is life. Knowing this will leave no one left to be a lone island.

We were created to need each other to escape the room… the room of loneliness, guilt, unforgiveness, sadness, and the list goes on.

Today be one who helps another find the keys to Joy, forgiveness, healing…the sky is the limit,

and be a part of the answer to their “Escape Room”.

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