The Lamp

Making my way quietly passed my sleeping family in the dark quiet camper, I gently open the door to the blackness of the campground.

I never liked making a bathroom trip at night for these reasons…

the dark.

The possibility of a lost or lonely bear joining me on my treck kept me holding on till the morning most nights, but sometimes, like tonight… I just had to step into the dark, but not completely.

My shiny blue lantern I had picked out at the local hardware store at the start of camping season was my trusty friend. The lantern shone brightly down at my feet and illuminated a clear path within a few feet, but that was all. What lurked behind the outline of the towering evergreens against the summer moon I did not know.

The not knowing was the hardest.

What could come up very unexpected?? Was there danger lurking?

In life we want our path illuminated far and wide to be prepared for anything and everything in life…


Yet would I throw away the experience of camping in the woods with my family and all the memories made because of the experience I dreaded nightly, the not knowing what was ahead?

God tells us his Word is a lamp unto our feet, not miles to the left, not miles to the right..or even up ahead…. It is a lamp unto our feet.

Not knowing what’s ahead of the light shining at our feet is often unnerving and even frightening, but He wants us to have faith in him knowing where we are going even though His light shines only to our feet.

Yearning for that broader light can keep us stuck and keep us from taking another step.

But what will we miss in life if we don’t go “camping” and enjoy the pieces of life that are around each step of our lives if only but illuminated by our feet.

Don’t miss out on life because of the fear of only the lamp unto our feet. Let Faith be your partner as you walk into each lit step as you search His Word..

and look to the One who holds the lamp💞

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