The Perfect Pair of Shoes

Strolling through the streets of Hollywood California with my sister a few years back, I was inundated by the magnitude of the stores all begging the masses passing by to be seduced by the latest, most fashionable, most expensive shoes that they would convince you, you must have.

Among the shops was a shoe shop that displayed each pair of shoes on its own pedestal giving each pair it’s own fame and glory it seemed. Some had heels that reached at least 6 inches tall as thin as a single nail, some had enough bling to light up the California evening sky. And then there were everyday comfortable walking running shoes trimmed with the most colorful laces in the latest style and color but most importantly built for comfort and endurance.

Last but not least, the shelves were rounded out by the most fashionable boots with all their belts and buckles, zippers and bling, each targeting a select market of customers.

The store walls seem to go on and on with every style you could imagine, each meant for a specific adventure so to speak in life.

There is a saying which says:

Good shoes can change your life

As simple as that sounds it can be very true. Staring at the vast amount of shoes lining the walls each with their own purpose, I was reminded of how we in life have opportunity to wear many different types of shoes in our journey.

“Walk a mile in someone’s shoes”

they say before judging. A good walking shoe would be the best pick for that occasion.. perhaps a pair to last a marathon.

“Stand on the word of God”

since we are to claim our promises. Firm, solid, heavy steel toed shoes I believe would be appropriate.

“Walking in God’s favor.. step into your blessing”

I can imagine tall beautifully Jewelled, expensive shoes fitting just right.

and when the Word tells us that

“our enemy is under our feet”

I want to imagine the sharpest athlete’s cleats that keeps him put where he belongs.

“We are to walk out our faith”

God says. I imagine this to be a very versatile shoe ready for anything, ready for times of adversity, learning and endurance, made to stand the test of time and put together with soles to weather the rocky paths at times.

Last but not least we are called to

“Walk in love”

I would imagine this shoe would be built for endurance to walk alongside our fellow human beings on many a different path and yet it would have the softest soles like that of a moccasin so as not to step on anyone lest you step on someone’s heart.

Today no matter what shoes you are wearing in your season of life, know that our God has already walked in every kind of shoe we will ever walk in.

Let him pick that pair off the shelf for this season in your life. He knows your exact size, your exact style. They are meant to be picked by the master Shoemaker…

handpicked just for us…the perfect pair of shoes.

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