The Wait

Resting my chin on the white washed window sill, my nose pressed firmly against my mother’s perfectly clean windows, my four-year-old eyes strained to see as far down the road into the small sleepy town we lived in. The local General Store was just in sight perched at the end of it.

The General Store was the hub of our small rural town as it provided everything from groceries to hardware to next year’s winter coats and boots to a few select toys from the 60s brought in from a trip to the city bought at the Sears store.

A few vintage swivel bar stools located in the back served as a sandwich bar and served the most delicious Coke out of green glass bottles. My trip to the General store with my grandpa was always much-anticipated as everything I would ever need and want was bought and paid for so I had no want of any kind.

The old wooden feedmill stood tall and stoically right beside the general store owned by three generations. It had everything the locals would ever need.. a One-Stop shop, the center of my sleepy rural town.

My little heart could hardly wait.

Dressed in my green fortrel pants and sweater vest my mother had sewn for me as she did all our clothes, my new little white runners slipped snuggly onto my pudgy little feet..

I was ready to go.

My brown pretend leather overnight bag was strapped snuggly over my shoulder.. I waited.. and I waited some more.

Grandpa’s red Ford 1964 truck was not parked in it’s usual diagonal parking spot yet in front of the store…

How long??

Time in my young mind seem to stand still as the gold spikey clock on the wall could not help me at this time in my four-year-old life.

Finally my eyes caught a glimpse of Grandpa’s freshly washed cherry red truck heading towards its usual parking spot. It slowly rolled to a stop. I watched excited as my grandpa, dressed in his grey and white crisp coveralls and very clean rubber boots climbed the neatly swept store steps.

I knew now the time was near Grandpa was shopping for all that was needed… all the needs & wants for the time that would be spent with me.. they’re little four-year-old granddaughter at their home. Nothing was spared .. or so it seemed in my little mind.

The next time I would see grandpa it would mean he would be making his way down the street towards my tiny home.

Finally my excitement could hardly be contained as he climbed back into his red truck. The red truck became larger and larger as it made its way down the street. I broke free from my vigil at the window and dashed to the large brown wooden front door. I threw open the door with all my strength and excitement just as Grandpa made his way to the top of the porch. My chariot had arrived. My journey to Grandma and Grandpa’s house had begun for another three wonderful days and nights.

As I hopped into the truck my heart was full. What I had hoped for and anticipated for so long it seemed had finally come to pass.

Over the years I have looked forward to many an outcome with much excitement and anticipation. Some of the most important being my wedding day and the birth of my four daughters.

These much-anticipated events were not without a waiting… enveloped with much patience in the process.

A wedding took some planning prep and patience as I waited…waited for the day to arrive. Our babies all took just about 9 months to arrive, there was no getting around that. But all were very much worth the wait.

There will be times in our lives when we will have to be patient and just wait…and seemingly wait some more…and ask..

How long??

How we will wait will be the key to living a life of joy, peace and rest, resting in the Hope (our God) that in time, (how much time we will rarely know).. but there will come a time, through the waiting… we will finally see in the distance…

the red truck.. come into view… and then and only then will the waiting be done and the door to the chapter you’ve been waiting for will swing wide open…

and your ride…

your long-awaited ride in the red truck… you’re own personal red truck…filled with all the supplies for this new chapter you will ever need from your heavenly Father

will have begun…

And it will have been all… worth…the wait.

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