Standing in The Gap

Sitting perched at the edge of the almost front row seats at the Stampede this past summer, I held my breath for what seemed like forever as I waited for the eight second buzzer… or the fall of the bull rider… Whatever would came first. Yet that was not the complete reason for my edge of my seat act.

The eight second buzzer sounded as the bull rider held on for dear life with both hands and being the most vulnerable and seemingly unprotected as he jumped off the 2000 pound raging bull. The rodeo clown seem to come out of nowhere, positioning himself right between the bull and the bull rider at every given turned it seemed giving the bull rider time to scramble for his life from certain harm and even possible death.

Now I don’t know what the rodeo clown gets paid, but it’s surely not enough in my eyes… a stranger stands in the gap for another stranger that involves life and death…what a price to pay.

How incredible it is to think that one human would give up his safety and possibly life for a perfect stranger.

The crowd roared in delight as the bull rider scrambled to the nearest gate for safety, the rodeo clown getting a standing ovation from the crowd as his dance with the bull came to an end.

The picture that comes to my mind shows our God standing in the gap for us when we are at our most vulnerable and unprotected as the enemy comes at us from every angle with no mercy, and as incredible as that sounds..

He did it freely..what a price.

That day perched at the end of my seat, I got a glimpse of a picture of what has been done for us and is still being done. He stood in the gap for us from that angry “bull” from hell once and for all and continues to be our defender and protector by standing in the gap between us and the enemy.

What a picture of Him standing in the gap for us..worthy of an everlasting standing ovation…

Incredible love♥️♥️

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