Everything Has a Price

Making my way to the Hudson’s Bay store holding my grandma’s hand tightly so as not to lose her, my eyes drifted to a beautiful sight, a 3-foot high Chrissy walking doll perched high on the top shelf standing tall as if waiting for the most excited little girl to claim her for Christmas. I had a pink glass piggy bank sitting on my white dresser back home, the small amount of coins not nearly enough to what would be needed for that beautiful Crissy doll.

That season on that day someone would have to pay the price of that coveted doll if I was to have it under the tree that Christmas so long ago.

In this life everything has a price, from needs to wants in the store to owning a house, vacations, cars and everything in between. Relationships carry a price tag too. The price of forgiveness, a price for betrayal, a price for raising a family,( sleepless nights, the teenage years) and everything in between.

In this world there is a price for peace and there is a price for war. Everywhere you turn there is a price to pay.

In all these things that have a price to pay none could come close to the ultimate price paid at the cross. We could not pay it… it was impossible. It was the highest price ever paid.

On those days when we think the price is too high… Finances, life, relationships, I think of the ultimate price paid….I can’t begin to imagine.

Because he paid such an enormous price we have the power to forgive and love and have the strength to pay the price in that we are able to put it where it belongs(his hands) despite the hurts of this life.

That day when I longed for someone to pay the price of that Chrissy walking doll, I could not imagine in my six-year-old mind that anything could have a greater price. I would owe my heart to the one who would.

But nothing could compare to the ultimate price paid. No price paid on Earth is bigger than the enormous price paid for us..

we are bought and paid for..♥️♥️

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