The Circus(Life) Juggler

Making my way through the large vintage circus tent, eyes wide with childlike wonder along with my elementary classmates many years ago, we hesitated for a few minutes on our way to our seats to watch the circus juggler do his magic, keeping a number of pins constantly in motion seemingly effortlessly.

Never did all three pins hang simultaneously in the same air space. One was always up… one in the middle… and one lower than all the rest. The seemingly effortless art seemed to mesmerize us all in our young selves.

As the short act came to a close with all the pins landing firmly in the same spot in the juggler’s hands, my fascinated gathering of classmates including myself, applauded eagerly at the finale.

Reminds me of life.

It can be somewhat of a juggling act on some days or even seasons. A certain pin will be hanging at the top.. accomplishments, relationships, revelations about life, etc. Sometimes a certain pin will hang in the middle half way and it seems as if things are not going as planned with life. At the same time one pin will hang suspended in time with what seems like forever real low at the bottom. Be it failures in life, stuck in mind/ heart set, relationships, etc…

Never once are all the juggling pins hanging at the top, middle, or bottom… indication of ongoing seasons in life.

Some may hang suspended in the air a shorter time, some may be longer, but in the end… not on this planet… the Heavens will applaud when all the pins will land in the same spot. Then only then will all make sense and the act is done.

So while we are living in the land of this side of all the tomorrows of Eternity… celebrate the juggle… celebrate the pin that is hanging at the top with a great big smile…

see the one in the middle with an open heart and mind and wipe a tear if you must…

and sit back and embrace the one at the bottom with much Grace.. because that is the one that will need it the most till it makes its way up… and only your mindset can do that no matter where life will take you.

In the hands of the juggler… you… together with your God applaud every part of the act. Don’t just wait to applaud the finale. Much can be learned and enjoyed from the whole act beginning to end of the circus(life) juggler…

You can decide how you will see each pin in every season of life since your perception/mindset is all in your hands..

Be the best circus(life) juggler in your own life… And know the finale will gain the ultimate applause from your God..

as he welcomes you and says..

“well done” to you…at your finale in your own circus/ (life) juggle when all the pins wills align in one strong and steady hand…HIS.

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