You are My Sunshine My Only Sunshine

Wrapping her perfect tiny little newborn body in the fourth pink baby blanket coming into our home over the years, I couldn’t help pressing her little oh so soft round cheeks against my own and kissed her ever so softly. She smelled so good as newborns do. She fit just perfectly in my arms just as the other three daughters had. Her eyes lay softly closed as she caught some much-needed sleep.

I loved my four girls from the moment I held them and nothing could change my mind about that. I couldn’t take my eyes off them, adoring every inch of their tiny beings wanting to feel them close to my heart bursting with love for them.

In the coming years, I went through the same emotions with my grandbabies, loving them from the first moment, hugging, kissing, adoring them for just being them. They could do absolutely nothing for me and yet I loved them just because they were part of me.

One of my favorite songs I have sung to my babies and grandbabies over the years was,

You are my sunshine my only sunshine…you’ll never know dear how much I love you…

I don’t know that they will ever know how much I love them. I can’t even begin to imagine what our God feels when he looks at his children. He loves us so much that he gave his life for us…

What love!

Once my daughters were born to me nobody could ever claim them as their own. They had my DNA… my daughter’s forever… no matter where life would take them, even to the ends of the earth. They were mine, just as no one can ever take us out of God’s hands..

no one.

We are born spiritually into his family. No matter if we go to the ends of the earth…


We have His DNA forever.

He knows the numbers of hairs on my head… even I don’t know that about my children.

He watches over me constantly, awake or asleep… even I can’t be that to my children.

He sends His angels to guide, protect, encourage and strengthen us.

I can love my children and grandchildren in an earthly and limited way here short of surrounding them with prayers.

I can’t help but imagine him holding his children close… cheek to cheek… wrapped in his Everlasting arms not being able to take His eyes off of us and His heart singjng…

You are my sunshine my only sunshine… you’ll never know dear how much I love you…

We will never know this side of Heaven how much He loves us…

WE are His sunshine…♥️

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