Unearth the Diamond

Watching an episode of America’s Got Talent late one night, I watched as a young mother of two walked nervously on to the massive stage… so vulnerable, for the long row of seated judges waiting to say yes or no, worthy or not, with the huge crowd of people behind them.

The gaze of her beautiful big brown eyes framed with soft long full lashes seldom left the enormous stage down at her feet. Life had spoken to her heart mercilessly in many areas of her life as her story was told. Rejected by many as she tried proving her worth in the music industry to perhaps make a life for her young children, her body language spoke loud. She was broken from the inside out, yet… here she was… not completely broken in all her vulnerability.. again open to the very real chance of being rejected once again.

Her voice trembled slightly passing through her quivering lips. As her eyes still gazed intently at the dark stage floor, word by word, note-by-note, she let her heart and her spirit fly… feeling the soul behind the song.

The camera caught the judge’s faces periodically throughout the performance and as moments went by, the emotions on their faces were etched obviously as they sat… moved to the core of their souls.

The diamond that had been hidden beneath years of rejection dust started to shine brighter as the applause and the love from the crowd encouraged her to go on.

As her voice played delicately with the last notes, the crowd exploded with applause of complete love for her. The judges stood tall in ovation … applauding the experience they had just had from this “diamond” energy in front of them. The young woman shook and was shocked at all she received, this amazing energy of love as the applause shook the building… she had no idea… It was a new day.

Her life would never be the same.

Becoming who she was always meant to be… sharing the powerful gift she had always had and simply sharing the gift of her was what the world had been waiting and needing.

Her story reminded me of pieces of my own Journey, hiding the Diamond in me. Life, rejection, insecurities, lies, not even knowing there was a diamond. all covering the diamond in me that was always meant to shine and reflect who created it.

Walking through the Truth that set me on a path of freedom in my life journey, I took my continued gaze off of life’s stage and started looking up to see my God standing still and applauding and encouraging the me I needed to be along with the Saints in the heavenlies.

His applause of unconditional love accompanied with His Grace and Mercy for all that I needed in my life was the brush that started dusting off the diamond in me.

This young woman faced the beginning of a new day…

I faced the beginning of a new day…

Today… reach down and be the person who you were always created to be.

The world needs the one and only you today.

Let his applause of unconditional love Mercy and Grace be a new day…

and unearth the diamond in you💎♥️

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