The Notebook

Hurrying to my dad’s 1974 Ford pickup during my school lunch hour in my grade 12 year 35 years ago now, I jumped in and started it, heading out to the local burger joint to meet my regular group of friends.

I spotted a not-so-perfect note fluttering in the wind tucked tightly behind the windshield wipers. As I pulled into the local burger joint I could hardly wait to put my dad’s truck into park to read the mystery note even though I knew who wrote it. I jumped out and slipped the note quickly out from under the wiper. I opened it. It read:

Meet you at the me

Nothing earth shattering or fancy by any standards but to my heart it left a flutter because it came from the one I loved.. my future husband. 35 years of birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas and anniversary cards later, my heart still flutters as I open the card/note in anticipation, eager to see the message inside. Now my husband has wonderful card picking skills, perfected over the years, knowing my heart and understanding my love language. Not having it be his makes it even more special.. a special kind of love.

My love of notes, cards and letters is very close to my heart as my four daughters also know so well, each card given by them with the intent of making me cry.. (doesn’t ever take much). I love their hearts as much as their love notes.

Yet the ultimate love notes of promises are written by my God from his “note”book to me, over 700 promises in his Word.

One that speaks overwhelmingly to my heart is found in Isaiah 54:10.

It goes like this:

“Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of Peace be removed says the Lord…”

The Lord of the universe tells us in no uncertain terms his love will not be shaken and peace with him will not be removed, his note/verse of love and promise compared with an incredible picture of the mountains shaking and falling ..while his love still remains.

Any heart would flutter at a promise like that.

Search his Word and find the ultimate love note/promise to your heart..

Make it personal..because it is..

The ultimate love note/promise…from HIS notebook♥️

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