Eyes Wide Shut

Walking through the tail end of suffering through a nasty bout of pink eye, my eyes were finally capable of opening fully as the last bits of gritty sand like feeling finally left me.

For a good week my swollen eyes had been working hard to open with much effort, they felt like they were opened as far as I could stretch them yet I was startled to see them only half open and swollen when I glanced at my reflection in the mirror in passing. There seemed to be a disconnect between what my mind was telling me and what I was seeing in the mirror (life).

Thinking back to this very uncomfortable experience, I can’t help but think that there is a big correlation between what we tend to think in our head to what we see with our eyes at times. Our hurts from the past and life experiences..the lies we believe that we’ve told ourselves or that others have told us is what we believe about ourselves as a result…

We are less than…

We don’t have any or very little value…

It must be our fault…

I’m responsible for others and thier unhealthy choices…

I can’t have a boundary.. that is not loving others…

And the list goes on.

Anyone thinking these things in their head may know that on some level they are not true yet something always has a hold on them because of what they may see in their situation in their life. Finding the truth about first of all knowing who you are and what your God thinks about you is the foundation to finding the truth and answers to any one of these statements.

When these statements are passed through the filter of God’s love for us and who we are in Him, then they go something like this…

We are worthy and more than enough.

We are valuable as precious jewels.

I am responsible for myself and not for someone else’s unhealthy ways of living or even requests.

I am the most loving when I have healthy boundaries… God says so.

These statements have some of the same words and phrases in them yet the filter of God’s truth changes their meaning completely.

Today… shut the door on complacency (not wanting to or not being able to make a decision) that leads to life robbing you of your best life now.

Today…make a choice…take that step to a new way of living… breathe… Soar…our God wants to give us flying lessons but we need to choose to leave the ground and refuse to live our lives…

with eyes wide shut.

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