Living Water

Placing the thin long-handled metal ladle under the thin spout in the farm milk house, I could hardly wait for the icy cold well water to fill the wide mouth ladle to the top.

Tiny beads of sweat sat on my eight-year-old forehead from the sultering midsummer heat. I could hardly wait for the ladel of iciness to touch my lips…the metal taste of the ladle just complimented the dance in my mouth.

Hours before, my young self had followed my uncle to the other side of the farmyard, two large metal shiny pails of ice cold water splashing slightly over the rims with each step in each hand for the bellowing calves living in the old cow barn. They too needed to quench that incredible thirst in the July heat.

Happy but tired from all the farm life activities, I was now spilling icy drops of the water as I shut off the tap with one small sweaty hand and held the ladle clumsily in the other not being able to reach far enough being only eight.

Finally my lips tasted the metal water combo… nothing could have been more satisfying in that moment.. every gulp better than the first one tilting the ladle as far back to finish every last drop. I was now more than satisfied as I close my eyes… nothing else seem to matter in that given moment.

I think back to those lazy summer hot days of July every now and then and this last time I did it reminded me of my spiritual life journey somewhat.

In life I’d walk through times that would ultimately leave me exhausted and tired and thirsty for some relief. As I would search through the Word for answers to my many questions in my life, I would come across a verse/ passage soaked with revelation to my heart, and the lasting effects of Living Water in the growing knowledge of his unending amazing love for me.

My 8 year old memory of that icy cold water spilling from the long-handled metal ladle was so incredibly satisfying in that moment yet I needed to go back to that spot in the milk house periodically as my thirst needed to be quenched time and time again.

The cool refreshing Living Water from his Word and Promises to me satisfied my heart and soul and Promised to never leave me/ you thirsty again.

The ladle of water needed me to pick it up and take it and so does the Living Water offered to me.

I will stay forever thirsty if I don’t reach out and receive it.

Receive that Living Water today.. and never be thirsty again♥️

“But whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst, but the water that I will give you will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life.”

-John 4:4

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