I Hope You Dance

The floor of the century-old hip roof barn undoubtedly bounced heavily with remnants of sweet smelling straw bouncing into the corners of the neatly swept dance floor.

My grandma loved her barn dances in her younger years. It made her happy. Her favorite sounds of that era filling the air…banjos, fiddles and acoustic guitars making it all happen.. it’s what she loved, the music.. her friends with their black and white polka dotted shimmering dresses softly grazing the girls just below the knee with every turn of their steps as they swung to their partner’s rhythm, finger waved hair put into place by a clip sparkling with jewels that mostly look real but were not but fun anyway.

The air hung with a sweet tinge from the evening warm air mixed with the aroma of the straw that had made it’s way into the loft just before the dance prep. As the evening wore on, there were undoubtedly those who chose to sit out the dance and observe and those who surely said no to the gentleman’s requests for a number of different reasons. The polkas, foxtrots and waltzes among many others dominated the wooden dance floor long into the night, the air permeated with the sounds of the 40’s.

Our lives can be somewhat of a dance with our Heavenly Father some days when he extends his hand and asks “May I?” We choose to sit out and watch as others dance before us and wonder why things are soaring in life for them as they cover the dance floor with every confident step with the one who knows every step of every dance.

There are days when the polkas of our lives needs to be danced in joy and happiness and then there are times when the tempo and closeness of the waltz is appropriate.

Our God longs to be our partner in those dances of our lives. He is the ultimate partner, yet when we choose to have partners that are less than.. (fear, unforgiveness, anger, etc.) do the dance of life with us..we leave the evening (the days of our lives) always feeling empty.

He is always the gentleman and sits on the sideline watching us dance with another yearning to be the one we would choose first.

If I’m going to enjoy the different dances in my life I will need to take his hand when he invites me to dance.. He is the ultimate gentlement if I sit out the dance He requests of me, He respects my wishes yet looks on with sadness when the evening( life) doesn’t work out as it should. he knows every step of every dance made… the dances of yours and my life.

Be with the one who loves you and knows you best and when he stretches out his hand as the music begins..

I Hope You Dance♥️

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