He loves me…

Hanging out in the backyard of my family home in the ’70s, my young self dressed in green shorts and a matching green tank top my mom had sewn(as she did in those days and for many years to come), I wandered around admiring the array of blooms planted and unwanted from the orange lilies planted at the back of our house to the white petaled daisies to the dandy lions peeking through after the Saturday mowing by my dad.

My young heart was already then looking to make someone smile, so that day a hand-picked bouquet for my mom was first on my mind. As I gathered an array of blooms, my eye caught the pretty petals of the daisies as they sat perfectly in the gathered bouquet in my little fist.

I remembered the children’s rhyme: “He loves me… He loves me not… He loves me”.. and as I did I whimsically started the process of plucking the pedals off of one flower knowing there would be many more to choose from hoping the last petal picked was always going to say” he loves me”.

Who I was thinking about I wasn’t sure but nonetheless I wanted the last petal to say “he loves me”.

Fast forward to my adult years, my heart still needed to know “he loves me” from the many different people in my life’s journey. As much as all these people showed me they love me in their own ways, nothing could take the place of my Heavenly Father’s love ..the Lord of the universe and when he gives me a daisy from his heart, every petal has a promise…

“He loves me… He loves me always…He loves me”..

The most perfect bouquet you/I will ever receive♥️🌼

-Give thanks to the Lord for he is good. His love endures forever.-

1 Chronicles 16:34-

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