The “Masterpiece”

Spending some time in the dining room of the local seniors manor , I entered into a conversation with a group of lovely ladies who had lived much life already.

One “young” lady was still amazingly sharp at 91. Her snow white hair beautifully framed her seasoned face telling of many years experienced. yet her dancing, piecing blue eyes told of a life that had been worth living no matter how the story had been written.

Our conversation led us to her fascinating travels and youth work experienced in her lifetime and well past her “retirement” years. Stories of her family were her favourite. Her eyes smiled even brighter.

When she started telling about all the writing she had done over the years.. I was all in. She spoke with such love in her steady voice of a special project she had tackled a number of years back which came in the form of a memoir, written especially as a legacy for her eight children and their families and for generations to come. A Christmas gift from her heart to theirs.

She had my whole heart by now.

She shared of how she still journaled daily as she gently pulled her baby blue journal she had been clasping close to her heart…and how much joy it still gave her.

I needed no convincing.

My heart had the true pleasure of listening to this young lady still tell about her life and how blessed and grateful she was for every experience no matter what Life’s picture had painted for her in her 91 years so far.

Her spirit, her heart, had many more years in her no matter what her 91 year old body was whispering to her.

This was not the end… only the beginning…of something new…everyday that she was still here.

As our conversation came to an end (my heart could have listened all day) I thought about how incredibly inspiring and encouraging this lady sharing her life in this moment was even in this winter season of her long life. Her life stories…her writings…her attitude.. and most importantly, the centre of it all..her God who had walked beside her all 91 years.

I walked away that day, encouraged and more than inspired to keep up with my own writing journey, keeping a perspective of joy and hope… always.

Most reading this will not be 91. But if you are, even more for you. I heard from this amazing life filled lady that life does not only not end at 70…80…or even 90, but seems to “begin” if the heart attitude is right and full of hope and joy salted and flavoured with “moments on the bench” with our God.

She clearly had found the center of her joy on life’s winding road…her “spot on the bench”.

This young lady inspired all who crossed her path. She enjoyed painting a “picture” of her own “masterpiece”…her life… with her words. And in doing so encouraged other to paint their own with thier own gifts, experiences.

That day she encouraged me to continue finding my “spot on the bench”…the life behind my words…

My own life’s “masterpiece” painted by the One who joins me on “the bench”

Today, find your spot “on the bench”…and begin painting your own “masterpiece”♥️

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