The Garden of our Heart

Mornings in grandma’s garden were nothing if not magical to my heart as a child. Breakfast had already been enjoyed… just me and my grandma…fresh homemade cinnamon buns made with much love.

Perched at the edge of grandma’s large colorful flourishing summer garden, the dew sparkled like jewels hanging so delicately off the flowering dill stalks and everything else the dew had gently found.

The earth between the rows gave off a pungent yet pleasant aroma that still lives in my senses to this day as I go back in my memories of grandma’s garden.

Grandma had already made her way down the row with her large pale yellow plastic bowl, filling it with a mix of tart green earth cherries and fresh vegetables that would be the foundation in creating her delicious meals…her harvest for the day.

The garden was a picture of beauty and health due in part to the large well worn bedsheets covering them at night when the frost wanted to nip at the ears of everything in it.

The strategic timing of the 1970’s vintage Green sprinkler refreshing the regularly hoed nutrient rich soil added to the heart of grandma’s beautiful summer garden.

Grandma was the master of her garden. The beauty did not just happen.

These memories remind me of our individual lives. Our life is a garden.

How we tend to our heart’s garden will depend on the care and attention or lack of.

Is the soil of our heart’s garden filled with all the goodness and Truth that makes our lives grow true and tall?… Do we water out gardens and cover when neccesary?… Do we feed the soil of our hearts with the best?

How we tend to our garden will always show in our lives…our garden harvest.

When we cover ourselves with God’s love, grace, and most of all Truth…water ourselves by pouring over His love letters to us regularly…and plant revelation in a well nourished soil( our hearts) …our lives..our gardens.. will flourish.

We were created to share….our joys, our sorrows, our beliefs, and revelations with the world around us so as to encourage others to plant and tend to their own gardens.

Our life’s experiences will undoubtedly affect our gardens at times. Times of drought, times of rain, times of clouds, times of frost, and times of sun.

When I place my “bench” in the middles of my garden…my heart…my ” In the moments” with my God as we meet there, will plant… nourish…water… cover… every corner of my garden.

There is much hope on the ” bench”

Find your place on the bench…

In the garden of your heart…and watch it grow♥️

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