The Highway of Freedom

Coming upon a scene on a highway where two cars have ” met” each other unexpectedly, and undoubtedly at the most inconvenient time, it brings to my mind how in life we sometimes ” meet” others…perhaps strangers..perhaps not, at the most inconvenient times in our ” me focused” fast paced lives.

We fight to slow down life and circumstances but ultimately in our own strength seem to be very unsuccessful. Then, in that most unexpected time…we meet with that we need to address. It has become unavoidable…and must be addressed before we can move on.

Trying to move on before the right people perhaps and right measures have taken place, would in time only need more attention because the proper/right measures to deal with the  situation have not happened.

And so it is with those we meet on the “highway of life”. Anger, guilt, sadness, unforgiveness and more may have been riding along with us in the trunk…in our hearts…oblivious of hurts  buried so deep until in a moment we “meet” and cannot escape the moment in which we finally need to make a choice to follow the proper measures that will ultimately free us to move forward on this highway of life.

The scene of an accident or “meeting” can bring many emotions to any observer and to those involved. What we see is keeping us afraid with “what ifs, why’s, and who’s”.

So too in life. If we stay committed to being a bystander in relationships, strangers or not, with those we meet…we take the chance of never knowing the answers and dealing with the situations until the right measures/solutions are taken to move forward from the untimely meeting of a “wreck” we so ache to avoid.

Our God longs to be the “neccesary measures” we need to untangle these meetings that have turned to wrecks in our lives. He longs to be more than a bystander looking on.

When we allow His love to flow through us in the moment to dump the baggage in the trunk of our heart by untangling the “wreck” of our meeting with those we encounter in this life…we are free to move forward on our journey….

On the highway of freedom.

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