Saying Yes

Wiping the sweat running down his two day dead of summer stubble, grandpa continued on in the blistering heat harvesting the fields as he had for many a summer making a living for him and his growing family on the farm.

This day had started out seemingly like any other yet would end with a turn that would ultimately change the course of my grandpa’s life along with generations of his family to come.

As the day carried on, something was different than all the other days of his life that had led to this day. Grandpa could not put off any longer the gentle but persistent tugging on his heart to give his life..just as it was…imperfect.. human.. to the One whom he knew had created him and who had been evident in his father’s and mother’s lives even through the incredible hardships of thier mother land Russia so long ago…and yet not so long ago.

Grandpa had grown up knowing about his God yet now his heart felt a need to know Him.. personally. A young husband, father and dedicated farmer at this time in his life, grandpa had already lived out a life of daily decision making, but this one was to be his most important one…one of eternity.

Grandpa had been a good person as such, yet he knew instinctively that wasn’t all…so in the sulturing heat of the sun, grandpa knelt on the scratchy stubble of the worked up field he tended to with perfection always, and he made the most important decision of his life…in that moment, he asked his God( who had ultimately loved him so incredibly much first) to come into his life. This decision would ultimately take him from just knowing about God to knowing God… personally.

Two miles to the north in the family farmhouse at about that same moment as their incredible stories were compared later, grandma was frying up some supper no doubt in her well used cast iron pan. Perhaps fresh summer garden potatoes fried to a crispness that only she could master along with some fried home butchered farmer sausage as was often served with love for any who happened to grace the farm table at the time in those early years and in years to come.

She too had grown up knowing about her God. Yet today…in the same moment…as her husband two country miles down the road.. felt a persistent yet gentle tugging of her heart to say yes to the God she had heard about…now wanting to know Him.

In that moment, Grandma knelt by the warm stove as her supper simmered on the stove top, simply welcoming Him into her life, the One who had loved her first.

I was born many years later as a grandchild into this family who was human…but who’s the moment…made decisions for eternity that impacted generations to come.

It is written in the Word that the angels rejoice greatly and celebrate each soul that chooses Eternal life.

That sulturing summer day …two souls made a choice…

What a celebration the Heavens must have had♥️♥️

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