“That’s Music to My Ears!!”

The day was planned.

Dust and dirt would fill every uncovered crevice of our beings. The greasy racetrack fries, with a healthy dollop of ketchup and a favorite ice cold 7 up to wash down every mouthful, accompanied you as you eagerly watched the 1st of the late model heats come roaring around the 1st turn, as the man with the green flag energetically waved it in the traditional X motion.

NOW THAT’S MUSIC TO MY EARS !!” you would yell above the roar, your eyes wide and sparkling as the reminders of the past 13 years of a debilitating life changing stroke all but disappeared in that moment. I so loved experiencing your energized spirit in these moments that seemed to erase the challenges of the past years.

My daughter heart was full as my chair touched yours as our combined love for the races seem to morph into one. Every every lap of the late models energized us both immensely; I would dare to say the favorite fries and ice cold 7 up may have taken a back seat to this constant adrenaline, but the combination was a must as the tall looming bright track lights slowly replaced the setting sun in the distance over the open farmer’s fields. The new atmosphere brought us to a favorite time of the evening… we were both night owls…. and we loved it.

As the man with the checkered flag crossed them viciously and with much excitement, the last of the races came to an end. Always too soon for both of us. Another annual race date with my dad had come to an end.

You were tired and cold, but so so content as we slipped into your van. Yet the evening was not complete without a quick nightlunch stop at the local Dairy Queen for the final lap of our evening before the cherished flag… the coveted peanut Buster parfe… extra peanuts. No words were spoken till the tall plastic cup of your most favorite treat was gone till the last shaped spoonful of goodness. No words were needed. Your pure enjoyment of every spoonful spoke volumes in the now darkening van.

You left way too soon for my heart, but I can just imagine you cheering on the best of the best races in Heaven ❤

I can only imagine our God coveting a close personal relationship with each one of us on this planet. He tells us in his Word that is His Heart. The relationships we enjoy so much cannot even compare to how He loves to see us exclaim:”THAT’S MUSIC TO MY EARS!! …when we enjoy all He has done for us and given us, and most of all, make time for Him… touch chairs with Him…. be one in the enjoyment of each other.

The “races” in our lives, the “greasy fries with ketchup”, along with a “refreshing 7” up topped off with a “peanut buster parfait” represent all the good and lovely He gives His children… He is such a good God.

My memories of our father/daughter dates are near and dear to my heart, but our God’s heart wells with joy and love infinitely more when we live a life of thankfulness for all His blessings. My Heavenly father/ daughter times together bless him right back, and his heart overflows with love when thankfulness lives on our lips and we proclaim…


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