Christmas in Heaven

Dad!! You.. are.. there!!

In a blink!!

I’m so glad your Jesus and your Angels were with you in those last moments❤️. You were soo ready! You longed for this moment for the past 13 years and especially after mom went to Heaven… you missed her soo much.

You said you were not scared to die. You were ready. I hope you felt my last hug the day before. I hope your spirit heard my singing, “What a friend we have in Jesus”(Your favourite we sang together many times) and “How beautiful Heaven must be.” My “thank yous” and my goodbyes.

Thank you for our night shifts. You always encouraged me… and my book is done dad… you always asked about it. I’m so glad I read to you those late nights. I’m so glad the “Louisville” story made it into my book, but more than that, you heard it firsthand! Front seat:)

Oh how I wish I could have seen the welcome you recieved by mom, your parents, Grandma and Grandpa Janz and so many more! My friend shared that she saw you give Jesus a big huge hug like a long lost friend… What a beautiful picture❤️

Just like the song we sang for many years together “What a friend we have in Jesus.” I’m so sure mom grabbed you as she burst through the crowd! And she could hardly reach because you were soo tall and so sturdy on your feet… WALKING!!! I am soo happy for your ultimate healing dad!

That big broad smile and mom reaching for your face and holding it in her hands as she love to do on Earth in your happy times.

Did she take you by the hand dad? What then dad? Did you start dancing with mom as she had always yearned for here on Earth? Did she lean on your chest and know all was well forever more?

I can only imagine… But you don’t have to anymore! I am sure Jesus said “Well done my son! ” He saw you struggle and your faithfulness. You never complained…and now your prayers of complete healing were answered!!

What do you see Dad? Billy Graham… Johnny Cash… George Beverly Shea… Don Williams… Wilf Carter? Is he singing “You Are My Sunshine” as you sing your favourite song to mom in your beautiful bass voice??

Is Billy Graham still preaching the Salvation story so important you? I would imagine so!

Do you see our son who left us far too soon now 34 years ago?… Do you see your Mansion prepared just for you by your Jesus? Is mom walking you there? Is Jesus just smiling at your wonderment?

How do your feet feel on the golden streets?? You longed so to feel the crunch of leaves and snow beneath your feet for the past 13 years… I’m confident the streets of gold more than make up for it!

Is “night lunch” ready at Grandma and Grandpa Janz’s? Is uncle Nick and tante Sara and all the rest of the family there welcoming you? Has Grandma Janz made your favourite flan cherry pie just like she did on the farm and for you and mom’s wedding?… And did she exclaim with excitement… “Hendrich!!

Have you told them of the books I’ve written like you said you would and have you hugged your dad so tight like you talked about so much? And have you told him of everything he had missed these past 20 years?

It’s been nine months dad and it will be your first Christmas in Heaven!!

I’ve been listening to “Alan Jackson Christmas” as had been your favourite this past year, bringing you sweet memories of mom❤️

Statler brother and Johnny Cash Christmas music just brings tears to my eyes and heart as I remember you playing those CDs over and over again this past year trying to keep mom close to you.

Are you singing “Angels We Have Heard On High” and are you harmonizing in your beautiful bass voice in a choir of angels??

Oh what a Hope we have!!

Well Dad, just for now… I will continue to celebrate on earth with those I hold so dear, but I will remember, as I gaze upon yours and mom’s black and white wedding picture and our first family black and white professional portrait when we were just little at Walt’s Studio.

Is the snow falling softly on the streets of gold as the latest country song goes? Are all the trees decked in lights beyond what I can even imagine as we have attempted to decorate on this planet for many years?

Oh how you loved Christmas!! you and Mom both!!

But for now I will remember you through the home movies we used to enjoy together, as I watch you walking tall in another lifetime it seems when you were the master of your gravel truck and your coveted 66 “Merc” as you called it….

As you now enjoy

Christmas in Heaven❤️

2 thoughts on “Christmas in Heaven

  1. Arlene, what a beautiful scene/s you have painted with your words. I can picture it clearly, your dad and mom dancing on the streets of gold. That is a wish of mine as well.

    I am thinking of you and wish you a season filled with memories and joy.

    Peace, Patty

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