The Ultimate Captain

The 1970s Triple E camper windows framed the looming west coast rugged mountains like a majestic breathtaking motion picture, as my dad, the captain, pointed or vacation home on wheels confidently along the narrow winding, mountainous roads, inching dangerously close periodically to the seemingly dwarfed guardrails framing the seemingly endless valleys below.

This drive, or any other adventurous trek, was in my dad’s blood. It made his soul happy motor homing with his family.

I for one never doubted my dad’s skills. His fearless natural abilities to drive through any terrain or a trusty Manitoba blizzard for that matter, seemed to come naturally to him. His calm relaxed position in any of his captain’s chairs… one hand; two fingers actually, resting casually on the steering wheel, was a picture etched permanently into my mind over the years.

My struggles with the motion of the weaving camper along the looming mountain roads amidst the endless valleys below, found me crawling under one of the cozy camping blankets on the couch nestled just below one of the expansive windows.

My heavy eyes would close quite easily as the motion picture outside our family motorhome mile after many mile, rocked me gently into dreamland.

My security with my dad behind the wheel in the midst of the mountainous treacherous winding road, left me sleeping peacefully for many a mile of our family vacation, oblivious to the dangers. No fear.

The safety and security I felt riding in our family motorhome with my dad in the captain’s chair, through the rugged terrain and deep treacherous valleys, mere feet from our travelling home at times, was a gift to my young heart.

As beautiful as it was, it paled in comparison to the safety and peace afforded us by our Heavenly Father…

Fear not, for I am with you.” Isaiah 41:10.

He is with us always whether we are aware of it or not.

The rugged, towering, steep mountains and treacherous deep valleys of this world we are living in today, can leave us weak and fearful if we do not know or trust our Captain.

I knew my dad… I knew his heart. I had experienced his safety for a long while already by then. I trusted him enough to fall asleep peacefully as my dad sat in his captain’s chair, navigating for our little family.

What are you facing today? What mountain, what valley… what unseen winding road?

He promises NEVER to leave us or forsake us. Not now… not ever.

Rest in His presence. Know He sees it ALL. He is our HOPE… our ONLY hope.

I hold those sweet memories of those motorhome trips through the mountains dear to my heart so many years later now.

Knowing my Heavenly Father can be trusted infinitely more, is a place my heart can rest in, as I see the beauty amidst the looming mountains and treacherous valleys and unseen roads in our world today.

A hope Beyond hope… a peace that passes understanding, as I crawl under the covers… and sleep in security, navigating this world, resting my faith…

In my Ultimate Captain.

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