The Ultimate Pursuit

3 months had come and gone.

Many moments of memories already passed. The first Father’s Day… my dad’s birthday… my birthday… and so many more special occasions had stepped heavy on my heart memories.

All happened in this new season without Dad here on planet Earth.

A few visits to both Mom and Dad’s resting place reminded me of how real it really had become.

It didn’t seem at all right. It was all a new season…. a new day.

Running my errands that day, my list included a connect with one of my dad’s brothers. Joy rushed over my heart as the familiarity this brother brought helped me feel a little closer to my dad in this moment.

I soaked in the memories shared about his brother…My dad… A little piece of Heaven for my heart.

One beautiful memory stood tall above the rest in my heart.

As the story went, my dad had been laid up for about a week at the young age of 17 with a bout of the mumps back in the early 60s.

Sleep, eat, sleep, eat, and then sleep some more. This brought back memories of my dad when I was a child, sleeping away the flu and fevers. It was his best medicine as this story went… On day 7 he announced he was better and was going to see my mom. “I’m going to see Erna.”

They were newly dating and a way was needed to be caught up with his sweetheart.

There was just one problem… the back roads where my dad and his brothers homestead existed, were buried under snow, and winter was not being kind at all to anyone who attempted to venture out.

But as I had experienced in the ensuing decades as a young witness in the back of my dad’s 66 Mercury as a wide-eyed child, the Manitoba winters were not a hindrance to my dad’s determination.

No road was too closed for my dad it seemed. And I believed him… Always.

My uncle continued with the coveted story, adding that his brother had enlisted him and his other brother with a couple of shovels tucked in the trunk along with some mighty heavy tires to weigh down the 55 Ford in anticipation of the nearly impossible snow-packed backroads.

My Dad’s plan was set into action… “I’m going to see Erna” was dad’s mantra.

There was no stopping him. The trio of brothers piled into my dad’s Ford and proceeded off the old country driveway and pointed the car to its coveted destination. His high school sweetheart… my mom.

By now, my smiling heart was leaping in anticipation of what was going to happen next. I felt it was as if I was right there in my dad’s car with the trio of brothers.

Oh how I wished that to be true in that moment.

My uncle continued the story with a far away look in his eyes as if he too were back in my dad’s 55 Ford, attempting the sometimes car window high snow drifts.

As my dad’s determined heavy foot gave speed to the weaving car through the almost impassable drifts, the speedometer leaned intensely to the right, passing each number higher and higher. It would have screamed if it could I’m sure as Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” accompanied the quest from the 60s 8-track, nestled securely in the dashboard slot.

The brothers held on as the tires barely made an impression on the hard snow drifts as speed seemed to skate dad’s car over each building drift that seemed to taunt him.

But to Erna he must get.

The brothers had not needed the hastily loaded shovels at all till now, but as fate would have it, the 55 Ford came to an abrupt halt just 10 feet from the end of the drift filled back road.

So out came the shovels. My dad was on a mission and wasn’t about to stop now… “I’m going to see Erna.”

As the last ten feet of drift was painstakingly shoveled, the two brothers bid my dad on his way, the car now a faint memory in the cloud of snow…. closer and closer as my dad rounded the country corner with my mom’s homestead in sight.

His pursuit of the one he loved had been a success through the seemingly impossible. My dad’s determination had won.

As this beautiful story came to an end and we went about our own ways, I couldn’t help but liken this story to our pursuit of our God, amidst the “snow drifts” which life hands us.

It is the snow drifts invisibility the storms of life throw at us that get in the way of the pursuit of our God.

Yet regardless of our pursuit, the Word tells us our God goes to much greater lengths to get to us through the “snowdrifts” of our hearts.

His love, the depths of which He says is as far from the East is from the West… deeper than the deepest ocean… and higher than the highest sky… and above all, his “ultimate snowdrift”, dying on the cross for us during His quest for each of us to make a way to Eternity with Him.

Our “yes” to this amazing love is our ticket.

My heart smiled wide at the thought of my dad’s determination to see my mom.

I admired his pursuit of the one he loved.

Yet it doesn’t compare to the love of our God’s love for us and the pursuit that was His heart…

Is almost too good to be true. But here it is…. His amazing love

The ultimate Pursuit.

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