Unfinished Business

Each denim square was cut to perfection with my mom’s 1970s gold and silver sewing shears.

It was now the year 2018. The trusty 1970s scissors had cut the squares two decades earlier in hopes of creating a beautiful Jean blanket. A blanket for those sunny Clear Lake days; our annual, coveted, summer trip, lazing on the grass, overlooking the sailboats, beachgoers, and specialty shop browsers.

It truly was an important project to aim to complete, but other things… life, business… got in the way of this and a number of other projects.

My Mom’s intentions were always good like many of us are, but there never seemed enough moments in a day to accomplish all on her mental list.

2018 became the year when the Jean blanket made it to the top of her list, as her very busy days of decades past, had been slowed incredibly due to her health failing rapidly the past 9 months.

The never ending list finally had room at the top for the Jean blanket. Mom’s rapidly failing health swarted all her good intentions… and the blanket stayed… unfinished.

That same year of 2018, April 10th, just three days after mom had passed away… I came upon the large, precisely cut tower of Jean squares, tucked neatly into one corner of the spare bedroom, beside her trusty Bernina sewing machine.

So close to getting done…

The project never did get completed. Her list was always as long as her imagination was, and I’m pretty sure, in her mind, it was going to get done… someday.

But someday never came.

We all have those kinds of projects that keep getting pushed to the bottom of our list. the jean blanket project was a great intention, but not necessarily something that was a “must” to complete in her life.

Each “denim square” needs to be put into place to create/ finish the project( restoration of relationships) and other important things in our lives.

It reminds me of the projects and perhaps relationships in our lives that may have some unfinished business… the “musts” … things that truly matter in the whole scheme of things here on this planet.

We may think we have all the time in the world to get to them, but sometimes… we won’t.

If you are reading this, you obviously still have time to make some needed “projects or people” a priority. Only you will know what that may be… If any.

But I would dare to say we all have some unfinished business.

As I sit here now in 2021, almost two years after mom went to heaven, in the same spare room, my eyes falling on the tall pile of dark blue denim squares once again, still piled as neatly as the last time mom had tackled the project… I am reminded once again to make room on that never-ending list of to do’s, and get to those things that truly matter, the “musts”…

putting together the “denim squares” that will complete the project… relationships… and other important things…

And get to…

The unfinished business.

3 thoughts on “Unfinished Business

  1. Such a beautiful tribute to your mom! This has me wiping away a few tears. I’m very close to my mother and in so many ways, you described her- the sowing, the projects, and the never-ending list of to-dos. I’m so sorry for your loss. You’re in my thoughts and prayers. ❤

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