There is Hope In Sharing

The snow crunched happily under our feet as the almost 0° temperatures and the warmer mid-February south winds, made this winter walk more inviting.

Only acquaintances at best through work, our connections went deep with intermittent moments of greetings and smiling eyes no mask could prevent.

Today, as we enjoyed a lovely winter walk, along with some students, to our favourite local coffee shop, our conversation easily moved to something deeper as we both cradled are steaming coffee shop treats.

The conversation; stories, were filled with times of experienced uncertainty as the shared stories included the diagnosis of a stage 4 brain cancer for a 1 year old beautiful baby sister, and my story of a season of paralysis… GBS, my husband endured about 10 years ago now… Both amazingly in the same seasons.

Our sharing of our stories continued as we talked about the dark valley walked for all involved during those difficult moments.

As our walk was nearing its end, both our stories came to a brilliant conclusion as we both shared unexplained miracles that had been declared by doctors in both our stories, and how God had gotten the glory for all that had happened and all that could not be explained.

We had only walked a short time that day, but our hearts were blessed and uplifted in the sharing of the hope we had found in each of our lives in the midst of some very dark moments we had both experienced many years ago.

We may not all have stories that go to these depths, but I would venture to say we all have everyday moments in our lives in which we can share, to give hope to others on their Journey. Hope to take just one more step, one more day… And then another.

We all need Hope.

Today, take some time to reflect on moments in your life where hope of any kind was experience from the heart of God… And dare to share with someone… Anyone… along your journey.

Because the world needs our stories of hope…

and there is HOPE in sharing.

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