Get “Sober”

“Her hand trembled as she white-knuckled the wine glass with her slender neatly manicured fingers.

The familiar ruby red liquid she had relied on for so long was now replaced by a nice cold glass of her new choice of bubbling pop.

She raised the glass carefully to her lips knowing the choice of drink she’d made recently, yet still anticipated the comfort of the ruby red liquid she had relied on for too much of her young life.

Her mind hadn’t made the switch completely. Her mind was powerful.

She didn’t know it yet, but the ache for the deep red liquid was the symptom….not the problem….

She needed to get “Sober”


The bright light of the refrigerator startled her as her bare feet stood on the cold tile floor in front of the open door displaying all that she thought would “solve” everything… even if it’s just for tonight.

Life was hard.

The half box of a large extra cheese pizza from last night’s supper, a pan of chocolate cake with lots of thick rich icing she had made two days ago, and a gallon of freshly bought milk all beckoned to accompany the binge she was aching for as the clock struck 3 a.m.

Relationships were tricky and her self judgments spoke louder and louder daily. The ache for the large pizza and chocolate cake in the middle of the was the symptom not the problem….

She needed to get sober.


She shut the screen door as quietly as she could as she held her breath. The creak of the front porch made her chest tighten unbearably.

She knew this was no way to live.

She knew he’d be fast asleep as his “night” was just beginning after his usual night shift at the local Factory. She had been here before walking through that squeaky Farmhouse door trying anxiously to quiet the front porch creak.

Her now purple and black eye could hardly open as the ache of last night’s punch not only screamed physically but mentally.

The urge to run and stay at the same time was a symptom… not the problem…

If she had just had supper on the table…if she had just been quiet… this would not be happening again…. She would do better…. Next time.

She needed to get sober.

**************” ‘

Wasn’t the drinking the problem?? Wasn’t the food the problem?? Wasn’t the abuse the problem??

All very much a problem but also very much a symptom….

They all needed to get sober.

They needed to get to the root… The “why” they were choosing the symptoms.

There are endless situations that we may need to get “Sober” from.

Why is the drink so powerful??

Why does the binge call your name so loudly??

And why does the most toxic relationship attract you unknowingly??

The “why” is the start of the answer to your sobriety.

Find the root.

Our God is our hope.

He knows us by name… It’s tattooed in His palm..

He knows us intimately… Knowing the number of hairs on our head… And He knows the “whys” in our lives. Why we do what we do, think what we do, choose what we do.

We cannot do it alone.

What we have experienced, what we have believed, all keep us in the dark at times when we can’t see and hear clearly.

It keeps us craving the drink…

The Double cheese extra large pizza….

And the toxic relationship that seems to need your fixing…

Take the step… Make the move…. See with eyes you’ve never seen before…. Hear with ears you’ve never heard before…


Reach down… Way down for the root. The root of “why”.

Say goodbye. Goodbye to the life that doesn’t say “Abundant Life” The life offered to you by our God….

And get “Sober”.

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