The Butter In The Jar

My little arms were growing weary as my after-school routine of a 1960s episode of The Flintstones was coming to an end.

Almost 30 minutes of constant shaking of the thick farmer’s cream in one of mom’s mason vintage jars, had gradually transformed into a soft block of mouth watering homemade butter.

I could hardly wait to slather the butter onto my mom’s delicious brown bread she baked regularly.

I never could understand how a jar of cream could be transformed into something so different, but it took consistency and persistence.

There will be things in our lives we may just never change with our shaking, but the real shaking may come when we allow our God to “shake” that what needs to be shaken out of or into our lives.

The consistency and persistence may just be where He is taking you on your journey on life’s road.

We can only shake us.

Setting the jar and just hoping the cream would magically turn into butter would be rather silly.

More often than not my determination would wane as my little arms would grow weary as results seemed to be so far away.

But once the tasty butter was formed, there was no turning back to a jar full of cream, and me and my family could enjoy the butter confidently knowing day after day the butter would still be butter.

The transformation was done. There was no turning back.

I didn’t need to shake the jar of cream everytime I yearned to slather that tasty butter on the fresh brown bread.

Life can get like that.

That which we are hoping will change will not unless we do something about it. Our lives will look exactly the same if we just look at the jar of cream on the shelf from afar and hope something will change.

And then, just when we think our arms want to call it quits from all the persistence…. The results (butter) appears, and we can enjoy the results of our efforts in our lives.

The “shaking” will look different for every situation, but non the less the shaking and persistence must happen for results.

Today, grab hold of the jar.

“shake….shake…. And shake” some more if you want to see results in your life.

Relationships at a crossroads?… Job not what you want?…or simply not happy with you?

Start “shaking”.

Shake that which you can shake.

Know that a transformation is just around the corner.

Allow the Master of all the shaking needed in our lives to direct you when, where, and how it should look in every situation.

And then… Rest.

And enjoy… the butter in the jar.

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