The Power of “One”

Do you ever think:

Does what I do matter?… Do I make a difference?

Do I impact my world?.. THE world?

Well than you are in good company. I would dare say everyone on the planet has had these thoughts at one time or another.

I recently listened to the testimony of a well-known evangelist, Ravi Zacharias on YouTube.

At 17, he attempted to take his life and was hospitalized in grave condition…. Done with life.

The doctors saved his life but Ravi would need to want to live to continue when he would walk out those doors.

A man Ravi did not know, found his way into his hospital room with nothing more than a small but powerful answer to Ravi’s despair in the palm of his hand.

A red Gideon Bible.

This stranger proceeded to read a very short passage of scripture from the Gospel of John chapter 14:

I am the Way, The Truth and the Life… Because I live, you also shall live.

He stayed but a very short while as Ravi was quite weak, but this stranger knew in his heart that this small, but powerful piece of life in the palm of his hand would be the answer/hope to Ravi”s life of despair.

Ravi let it sink into his heart… and it changed his life completely from there on.

Ravi Zacharias died this past week after 48 years of loving life in the ministry of the Gospel to the world.

The Gospel message that changed His life….The Way, The Truth, and the Life.

India, his home country, called him India’s Billy Graham.

As this man goes on to share after Ravi ‘s death, if he had done nothing else with his life… influenced no one else, he felt he would have fulfilled his purpose here on Earth as he watched Ravi for the next 48 years of his worldwide Ministry, spreading hope in the Gospel to anyone and everyone, and especially to those who had been at the end of themselves as he had been.

This man’s one act that fateful day in Ravi’s hospital room, stretched way beyond Ravi… indirectly influencing the whole world over the next 48 years through Ravi.

What if he had not listened to the nudge on his heart that day?

Ravi may have gone on to be influenced by someone else who said yes to a nudge, but the point is, Ravi’s life was completely changed by the influence of ONE…

One Godly Man… Saying yes to a nudge.

Ravi went from wanting to die to wanting to live in the matter of moments, and went on to influence others with the same Gospel that had changed him that day.

How powerful.

This man unknown to Ravi, could never know have known that day what his moment of influence would carry in the next 48 years through Ravi Zacharias’ life.

Does what you do matter?

Do you make a difference?

Do you impact your world?… THE world?

Today… the words you speak, the things you do, the listening ears you have for a moment…. may just be the beginning of 48 years of influence.

Follow the nudge.

It starts with you.

The Power of One.

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